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 Sew White lives by the motto Eat, Drink and Be Merry – mostly concentrating on lovely food, not always healthy but always tasty.

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If you like my blog and would like me to review a product, local event in Wimbledon, advertise or come up with new recipes using your products please get in touch with me

I love receiving enquiries from companies, the press, PR companies, publishers or anyone who wants to talk. I love reviewing products, books, bakeware, craft items and food items. I am passionate about coming with new recipes and evolving older ones to enhance flavours and them more exciting.

I am interested in guest posts and sponsored posts for my blog as long as the topic fits in with blog and the previous posts I have written.

Most of the items I review and use I have bought myself but on occasion I am given an item to review  from a lovely company in exchange for an honest review. I will always write exactly what I think of a product.

My blog is viewed from countries all over the world.

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  1. Doris says:

    Where do I purchase the Scottie dog and horse head cookie molds that you used.
    Thanks, Doris

    1. Sew White says:

      I used to sell them at Sew White but the shop is being revamped and should be back online soon.

  2. Doris says:

    Thanks, I will keep checking back. I have horses and Westies and was so excited when I saw these! Must have!

  3. Melody Gabor says:


    was wondering if i could get a word or pdf copy of the mini crowns layout you used for the chocolate mold? i am helping a friend make crown cupcakes for her son’s first birthday whose theme is prince, and i am really new to this. any help will be gladly appreciated.


    1. Sew White says:

      Hi Melody,
      I don’t have the crown pictures anymore as they were on my old computer before it gave up but if you google image search for crown shapes and crown silhouettes they are on there.
      Hope that helps

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