Sew White’s Kitchen Table August 2015

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August has been a very tasty month. There has been gorgeous tea, cheese and wine. Take a look at what’s been on my kitchen table this month.

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First up is this delicious new flavour tea from Twinings. I love Earl Grey and I am always tempted to try different versions of it so when I saw this plum variation I knew it would be going into my shopping basket. It is so delicious and the plummy taste with the Earl Grey really makes this an autumn tasting drink. It feels like a drink which would be lovely with an open fire and that leaves falling misty smell which I love about the post summer months.

Sew White's August kitchen table 2

 I was sent these brand new Ritz Crisp and Thin potato cracker crisps to enjoy.  They have been majorly enjoyed by me and my friends, and even on a few times in the sunshine! (side note: Where has the August sunshine been?). These crackers really feel like posh crisps but don’t have that greasy feel that they usually have. They really are thin and crispy! Satisfyingly so in fact. The large bags are brilliant for sharing and are. they are about £2.20 a pack and I think it’s a very good deal for the amount you get. My favourite flavours were the sea salt and vinegar and the chilli. They were really nice dipped into hummus and other dips too.

Sew White's August kitchen table 3

 Lactofree cheese has been a huge feature of my August table with many cheese toasties to enjoy for lunches it has a softer taste than regular cheese and helps sensitive tummies.

Sew White's August kitchen table 4

 I had never tried crispbread which was so good before and I am an absolute convert to Peter’s Yard crispbreads. They are so good and although plain have a lovely grainy taste which works so well on it’s own or with dips. These would be brilliant for a dinner party for the cheese course. I am going to have to order more of these soon. They are about £2.50 a packet.

Sew White's August kitchen table 5

This month I was apart of the Jacob’s Creek Foodies and they sent me a gorgeous range of wine to enjoy at a dinner party. I’ve never really like Chardonnay before this is a really lovely bottle of wine. It goes incredibly well with food and I loved it with risotto, a little in the dish and then served with it too. I am a huge red wine fan and Cabernet Sauvignon is definitely a favourite in my world. The Jacob’s Creek bottle had a strong flavour but lovely fruity undertones which worked surprisingly well with chocolate cake. Who knew! I’d never had Jacob’s Creek a lot before but I would buy their wine based on how well they all worked with food.

Sew White's August kitchen table 6

 This summer has been filled with blackberries and cherries. I have had so many and it’s a joy to eat these brilliant fruit raw or in cakes and bakes. Delicious. Enjoy seasonal products as much as you can. I’m looking forward to Autumn and lots of apple crumbles and delicious things with root vegetables.

Sew White's August kitchen table 7

The last week of August is Castello’s National Smorging Week. Smorging (from the Scandinavian Smorgasbord) is the new phrase for communal sharing platters and it’s a style of summer eating with friends I love. Cheese, olives, cured meats, crackers and bread. The list goes on and it’s all deliciously easy to put together and enjoy. Castello cheese sent me a range of cheese to enjoy on a mini smorging plate of my own. The weirdest flavour was the pineapple one. Yes pineapple! It also has a almond flavour too. The creamy blue and white cheese was so good too. They went very well with crackers, olives and cured meats. A really nice addition to the sharing and snacking plate.

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  1. Stella says:

    Wow so many yummy tasties for the month of August. Great job.

    1. Sew White says:

      Thank you 🙂 I love summer months and this one has been very tasty indeed.

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