Advent Calendar Day 10 – Make Your Own Chocolate Bars

December 10, 2012Sew White

Advent Calendar Day 10

Chocolate Bars are a lovely gift especially when hand made them, making them unusual and unlike any other chocolate bar your friends will receive. After being Sew White was featured in the wonderful Pebble Magazine this month I got thinking about what chocolate bars I could make.

Pebble Magazine Dec 2012Pebble Magazine Dec 2012 3

Read the wonderful Pebble Magazine at 

I packing up an order for the reindeer chocolate transfers and I thought the little reindeer heads were roughly the same size as each square in the chocolate bar mould – tada! idea popped into my head – reindeer chocolate bars.

Sew White chocolate bars 9

 I started off by cutting the reindeers out in perfect squares but I wanted to see if just roughly cutting around them what the result would be. As you can see the squares cut to the right size looked the best. Even though the transfer is thin it was visible where the transfer was.

Sew White chocolate bars 1

 Make sure you put the rough side of the transfer up so the chocolate sticks to it. Otherwise you will have a smooth empty square in your bar.

Sew White chocolate bars 2

Here is the mould ready to have the chocolate poured in. 

Sew White chocolate bars 3 

Filled with chocolate and ready to go in the fridge.

Sew White chocolate bars 4

After a few hours in the fridge the bars were ready. 

Sew White chocolate bars 5

I used a small sharp knife to life the plastic backings off the chocolate transfers.

Sew White chocolate bars 6

With the plastic off they look amazing. 

Sew White chocolate bars 7

You can see the chocolate transfer leaves the chocolate with a lovely shine.

Sew White chocolate bars 8

The chocolate bar moulds are still available and are only £6. Plus if you want to try having a go with the chocolate transfers at Sew White we are giving a free snowflake transfer with any order of another transfer. 

You can check out our fabulous range of chocolate transfers at 

Chocolate bar mould

Happy Baking and Merry Christmas

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