Angel Wing Cookie Cutters

November 6, 2012Sew White

These angel wing cookie cutters have to be one my most favourite items I have had at Sew White.

I love that the cutter design includes a section which means the biscuit can hang on your mug. Since I got these in stock I have made loads of them and them have been the most popular biscuit made in my house in ages – even though it’s the same recipe of gingerbread. The shape seems to make people want to dunk in their tea and coffee.

The gingerbread angel wings on my new bird mug.

I really need to make some angel wings and decorate them but I love gingerbread fresh out of the oven!


  • Lindsay

    November 6, 2012 at 11:08 am

    I have these cutters from Hobbycraft last year, I made lots of wings before Christmas, they were really fun! I also didn’t decorate any though, they didn’t last long enough!

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