Bake at Home Kits – Seeded Bread kit review

June 16, 2014Sew White

I love trying new things I especially love trying baking kits.

I think I love them so much because that is how I started to learn about baking when I was little. My gran would often get a pack of fairy cake kits – normally the Tom and Jerry ones. Do you remember them? They are brilliant fun; add an egg and bake. The icing was always brilliant pink and the rice paper pieces were normally eaten before they went on the cake.

Sew White bake at home kits review seeded bread mix 1

Even now I still love kits and was so excited to be sent the Flowerpot Bread Making Kit with a seeded bread mix from Bake at Home Kits to try. I’ve seen flowerpot bread before and I’ve always wanted to try baking bread in a terracotta pot.

The box from Bake at Home Kits was beautifully packaged and a lot of care had gone into making sure the pots wouldn’t break. There was so much bubble wrap! The bread mix was in a lovely brown paper bag and looked very cute.

Sew White bake at home kits review seeded bread mix 2

The instructions for the kit were well written for baking the pots before use and making the bread.

I have to admit I did do the double proving that is normal for bread making. I did that out of habbit and I admit not reading the instructions far enough forward which said you could you leave it for a single rise in the pots before the oven.

I really liked the size of the seeds in the bread. There were big sunflower seeds and smaller seeds too. It was nice to have seeds you could see. It seemed generous. I’ve tried seed bread kits before and the seeds were invisible even if the bread did have a nutty taste.

Sew White bake at home kits review seeded bread mix 3

The bread was easy to work and dividing it into quarters and putting it in to the pots was so cute and the greaseproof paper made it very easy to get them out once baked. I want to try using them without the paper to see if it’s easy to get the rolls out when baked.

Sew White bake at home kits review seeded bread mix 4

The results were fabulous. Very tasty rolls and looked so cute at dinner on the table.
The kits from Bake at Home are very cute and would make brilliant presents for foodies and those who want to start baking more.
As well as bread kits, Bake at Home have other kits including pizza, brownies and cookies.

This lovely company also have a gluten free range which is brilliant.

*Thank you to Bake at Home LTD for supplying me with the flowerpot bread kit, I was not paid to write this review and all opinions are my own.*

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