Birthday Cake with Edible Photograph Print

September 5, 2013Sew White

I was so excited when my friend’s husband emailed me to ask if I could make a cake for my friends birthday. He originally asked for Bulldog cake (as they have a lovely Bulldog called Ernie) I thought he meant a 3D cut out and sculpted cake so I said no but I could do a simpler cake. Later found out he meant just a flat face cake – my brain obviously jumps to huge sculpted cakes before flat cut out ones.

Sew White Edible print cake 1

We decided to go for a photograph on a cake so we could add text change the image and get that printed. We used the company ordered on thursday and was delivered to mine on Saturday morning. Incredibly fast! 

The print itself was fantastic tin picture quality but also the quality of the icing it was printed on to. It wasn’t printed on wafer/rice paper.

It was fun to try a new cake decorating piece of fun. The print arrived on a piece of thick backing paper and the circle was already cut out so I didn’t have to spend ages trying to cut it perfectly round. Plus the background/unused pieces of sugar had been removed so it was only the print ready to use. I was so glad the print had come with a piece of extra of the icing in a small rectangle on the bottom of the page which was a great practice in how to peal the icing off the backing paper. The best advice I had to get the print off the paper was from @MissKazzieB who suggested putting the paper in a plastic sealed bag and putting it in the freezer for 1 minute. The print had hardened and came off smoothly. I think longer than 1 minute and the print would have come to hard and possibly would have broken when picked up.

To attach the print to the sugar paste on the cake the FAQ section of the edible print website suggested applying a very light ‘mist’ of water to the sugar paste. It must not be too wet otherwise the print will start to dissolve. I used a piece of kitchen paper and lightly dampened it and gave it a quick wipe across the cake. I also left it a minute to dry slightly and placed the print on. The print stuck and didn’t dissolve or bleed. (I was worried about the colours running). 

The white border on the print sat very well against the white sugar paste and you couldn’t really see where they met.

Sew White Edible print cake 2

The cake looked pretty nice without having to add anything else but of course I did!

Sew White Edible print cake 3

Using some yellow sugar paste and the flower plunger cutters (from Sew White I decided to make some flowers to match the ones in the background of the photograph. I had some big sprinkles to use as the centres of the flowers and used piped royal icing for the centres of the smallest flowers. I think it looked lovely. 

Sew White Edible print cake 4

The cake was a complete surprise and I’m glad to say a good one!

The whole cake was eaten except a large slice with the gorgeous Ernie dog on, no one could bring themselves to eat his face at the party.

A very fun cake and I’d recommend edible prints from x

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