Brunch at Bill’s

February 3, 2014Sew White

I love a good cooked breakfast. Give me a proper fry up or pancakes any day. Maybe not everyday as it is a special treat.

A good friend of mine who moved away was back in Wimbledon for the weekend and I, with her and another friend went out to have a posh breakfast at Bill’s restaurant. I’ve heard so many great reviews of Bill’s and I was a bit excited to visit. Best bit of advice book in advance to make sure you get a table.

The restaurant is fun and decorated very well. There are lots of things hanging up which made me stop talking a few times as I got transfixed on pieces of art on the wall, hanging chilies and looking at other peoples food.  If you look around and like what you see it only makes you more excited for your own food to arrive.

There was so much to order on the breakfast menu but I decided against the English breakfast as I can never say no to pancakes. Especially when they come with blueberries  and maple syrup. I’m hungry just thinking of it.

look at this beautiful breakfast…

Sew White Bill's Breakfast pancakes

It doesn’t look like a huge a breakfast but it was enough. Bill’s were certainly generous with the amount of maple syrup (I love maple syrup) they covered the pancakes in. the addition of fresh bananas, strawberries and blueberries were lovely. So fresh against the sugary syrup on the pancakes. The blueberries in the pancakes were lovely too. They hadn’t popped and were still really warm in the pancakes. Absolutely incredible.

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