Chocolate Transfers and Guest Post by Jennifer McIntosh

October 16, 2012Sew White

Jennifer McIntosh produced some gorgeous results with chocolate transfers. Here is her guest blog post on how she got on.

I was delighted to have been chosen from Sew White’s followers to try her chocolate transfers. I had never used them before but had seen the lovely Cathryn Dresser use them on an episode of GBBO so had a reasonable idea of what to expect.

I was sent 2 beautiful patterns; super-girly butterflies and flowers in yellow and pink and  white and blue snowflakes – Hooray! Christmas had come early.

I thought I’d put these transfers through their paces as much as possible and make “fiddly” things to see how easy to use they really were so I made some white chocolate lollipops with the snowflakes and wrapped a tiny cake with the other transfer. Oh, and I also topped a caramel shortbread for good measure.

Here’s how…

For the white chocolate lollipops:

You will need:

A Christmassy chocolate transfer

White chocolate

A metal cookie cutter

Lolly sticks

Ribbon to decorate

Cut the transfer a little larger than the cutter you’re going to use, and place on a plate or board. Spread some melted white chocolate on the “rough” side of the transfer as thickly as you can without it running away. Press a star shaped cookie cutter into the chocolate and weigh them down with something heavy. Allow to set.

Tip – I tried this with both a plastic and metal cutter and found that the plastic cutter wasn’t tough enough when removing the chocolate and the chocolate shape broke. It’s a shame, it would have been a cute little snowman!

When the chocolate is fully set, peel the transfer away from the chocolate. Use a small amount of melted chocolate to attach a lolly stick to the back of your chocolate shape.

I think these would be great as part of a Christmas party spread or could even be used as Christmas tree chocolates (wrap them in cellophane) or as great foodie gifts.


I got impatient and peeled of my transfer for the first batch a bit early and the pattern was a bit patchy. Be patient, it’ll be worth it!

For the chocolate cake cup:

You could do this for a full sized cake, but I wanted to see if the transfers would cope with the delicate, fiddly tiny cake. They did, really well.

You will need:

A homemade or shop-bought cake. I used a mini flan to get the tall sides

Milk chocolate

Transfer of your choice

You might also need a small piece of sticky tape

Cut a strip of the transfer to the circumference of the cake. I made mine about a third higher than the cake itself so the finished product created a rim a sort of cup.

Lay it out flat and spread a thin layer of chocolate over the “rough” side. Wait til the chocolate is set enough that it doesn’t all run away if you pick the transfer up, but it must still be wet.

Wrap the chocolate and transfer around the outside of the cake and, if necessary, secure with a piece of tape.

Allow to set.

Tip a little melted chocolate into the cup to cover the cake.

I decorated my cake with a chocolate heart (made in the same way as the star lollies) and cut a small gap in the edge of the chocolate to allow the heart to sit in the rim. I secured it with a bit of melted chocolate.

Tip – If doing this on a larger scale you could fill the rim of the cup with fruit or sweets

I also used some of the transfer to top a caramel shortbread which I think looks really cute and girly, perhaps for a birthday or special occasion.


Thank you Jennifer for such a wonderful guest blog and fabulous photos.


  • Bobbie Parvin (@bobbielp)

    November 8, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    Hi Jennifer/ Sew White,
    When you made the star lollypops, you have to leave the cookie cutter in the chocolate until it sets? i only have one cutter of the shape/size that i wish to use… did you go back and keep remelting the chocolate or did you do a small amount each time?

    also if you dont mind me asking- what type of white chocolate did you use? I find when i melt white it goes very lumpy/seperated (i think that might be that the water is too hot?)

    Thanks guys x

  • jennifermcintosh

    November 9, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Hi Bobbie

    I just did one at a time. I’m afraid you do have to make sure the chocolate is at least mostly set. I used white chocolate with vanilla from Marks and Spencer and have to confess to melting it in the microwave (there didn’t seem to be any point in getting the gloss from tempering it when it was going to be covered with a transfer pattern)

    Hope this helps


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