Comic Relief Bake Off

January 24, 2013Sew White

This week I have loved having the Bake Off back on our screens. I love the celebrities and I love what they have baked. I am really looking forward to seeing Ed Byrne on tonights episode. He is one of my most favourite comedians. 

I was looking through the bake off website on the BBC to see the recipes they have put up but they also put up some wonderful galleries from the Comic Relief episodes.

I’ve just taken a screen grab of this photo of Ed Byrne by Tom Dymond as I find it hilarious. I’m sure I can’t be the only who has ever done this with cake tins. 

Comic Relief

I am waiting for the edible lavender I’ve ordered to be delivered so I can make the lavender and Lady Grey tea biscuits from the first episode.

I would really recommend checking out all the wonderful recipes from this week of Bake Offs at[]=b01q9tbm

Plus you should all donate to Comic Relief and show your support.

Or if you want to get hold of the wonderful Emma Bridgewater Bake Off apron and GBBO book you can get them from here

Happy Baking  x

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