Copper Cake Tin Trial

August 29, 2013Sew White

A very late blog post which I thought I had written and posted ages ago but found out I hadn’t. Sorry!

I love copper tins and I was so excited when I found a gorgeous copper cake tin in my local TKMaxx.

I’ve always loved costume dramas and always interested in old kitchens and old kitchen pieces. There are some fabulous Victoria kitchens at stately Nation Trust houses which all feature copper tins. I can see why I fell in love with them.

I was so happy that this tin worked and produced a wonderful cake.

It did need a really good grease with melted butter and dusting with flour before the cake mixture went in. 

Sew White copper tin cake trail 1

Sew White copper tin cake trail 2

I think I did about three coats of butter in the pan before dusting it with flour and adding the cake mixture. Better to be safe than sorry!

Sew White copper tin cake trail 3

I used my vanilla and chocolate chip bundt cake recipe which you can find here – which is based off the toffee and chocolate chip bundt cake by Dolly Bakes. Check out her blog it’s amazing! I didn’t use the chocolate chips as I didn’t want to risk anything sticking on the first go. The cake tin took about two thirds of the mixture so I used the rest of the mixture in another tin I’ve had for ages which needed using (see below).

Sew White copper tin cake trail 5

The design is simple but looked great and a little dusting with icing was all it needed for decoration. 

Sew White copper tin cake trail 6

With the left over cake mixture I used this gorgeous heart pan I bought from a car boot sale for a £1 a few years ago. I’d only ever made jelly in it before and it worked very well then. 

Sew White copper tin cake trail 7

I love this photo as I love how the cake has curled in slightly.

Sew White copper tin cake trail 8


when I wrote on twitter I had got a copper pan most comments were about how hard they are clean. I looked on youtube and google and found that tomato ketchup (proper brand) works very well. I covered the copper tin with tomato ketchup, left it for 10 mins and washed it off. It was so shiny! I left a section to see the difference once it was washed and it was easy to see how dark it had got after the oven.

Sew White copper tin cake trail 11

Childhood dreams of copper tins which work to make cakes still intact. 

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