Cranberry Scones Guest Post by Vanessa P

July 30, 2013Sew White

The Lovely Vanessa @weederwoman has kindly shared this fabulous recipe with us!

“My best friend and expert scone maker “supervised” me when I was making them so I could see where my then scone- making was going wrong. I then mislaid the recipe, found it a year or so ago and have now made cranberry, blueberry and of course red currant . They were especially welcome when a person on an eggless diet was here at a fundraising event as I hadn’t brushed with egg.”


Cranberry Scones
230g 8oz self raising flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
40g 11/2 oz butter
60g 2oz caster sugar
110g 4 oz fresh/dried or frozen cranberries
140ml 1/4 pt milk
Beaten egg to glaze
Floured baking tray

Gas 7 425 F 220 C

Rub butter into flour and baking powder which you have just sifted into a bowl.
Stir in the sugar and the chosen fruit.
Add nearly all of the milk and work quickly to make a soft dough, adding all or more if needed.
I then shape the dough into a rough square and cut this into 9 squares but you can roll out and use cutters. You can use beaten egg or a little milk if you want to glaze them.
Bake on a greased tray, check after 10 mins, maybe turning the tray.

Thank you so much Vanessa for sharing such an easy and yummy recipe!!

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