Easter Nest Cornflake Cakes

March 14, 2013Sew White
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Easter Nest Cornflake Cakes

These yummy treats have been a favourite of mine since I was little. I think it must have been one of the first things I’ve ever made. I remember feeling very grown up, making something so tasty.

Sew White Easter egg nests 5

Ingredients are chocolate, cornflakes and mini eggs to decorate.

I used 200g of chocolate and I’m not sure how many cornflakes I used as I just kept adding until it looked right.

Melt the chocolate over a warm pan filled with water.
Don’t let the chocolate bowl touch the water.

Sew White Easter egg nests 1

Once the chocolate has melted take the bowl off the heat and add the cornflakes a few handfuls at a time.

Sew White Easter egg nests 2

Keep adding the cornflakes until it reaches a consistency you like. I like for the cornflakes to be mostly covered but still a little of the yellow/orange colour showing through.

Sew White Easter egg nests 3

Spoon in to cupcake cases and add the mini eggs.
Put in the fridge and allow to set. Thats it!

Sew White Easter egg nests 4


Sew White Easter egg nests 6

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