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January 23, 2013Sew White

Since my family was having a dinner party I decided to try something more special for pudding.

I decided to try The Boy Who Bakes – Edd Kimber’s Black Forest Roulade from his book Say It With Cake. I’ve made a roulade a few times before but never anything Black Forest with cherries. 

Edd Kimber

I was given this book for christmas and unlike Edd’s other book this is slightly more for special events in my view. It is full of lovely items recipes and it’s a book I’d really recommend.

 First up was making the cake and it was slightly more complicated than I thought but the only advice I can give is the whisking the eggs takes a bit longer than stated but it’s worth to make sure the eggs have doubled in size and are really stiff as the mixture reduced a bit when the flour and cocoa powder was folded in. 

When I took the roulade out of the oven I turned it out on greaseproof paper and and laid another piece over the top and left a damp tea towel on top and left it to cool. When I took the tea towel off and did all the filling the roulade was soft enough to roll rather than break.

Before adding the cream and cherries I brushed on the cherry liquor, which the cherries were marinating in, over the roulade.

Sew White chocolate roulade 1

Next it was jam – I used blackberry as I couldn’t find cherry jam but it was really tasty. Then it was the time for the whipped double cream. The jam made the cream go into a lovely pink colour. It was very hard to not eat this.

Sew White chocolate roulade 2

Next it was time to add the cherries.

Sew White chocolate roulade 3

Then it was crunch time – rolling up the roulade! It rolled up a lot easier than I thought it would and looked rounded so I am taking this as a success. 

Sew White chocolate roulade 4

Final step was to coat the outside with chocolate ganache. I left the ends open so we could all see the yummy insides.

Sew White chocolate roulade 5

Proof is in the pudding – or lack of it left over.

Sew White chocolate roulade 6

A great recipe and although it is slightly time consuming I would certainly make this again.
Next time with some different fruit I think.

Edd’s book is wonderful. It can be a bit daunting to see his creations and attempt them but his book is wonderful and easy to follow. There are some lovely cakes to make and I’d recommend this book for more practiced bakers. The recipes are great but it might be a scary jump for someone who hasn’t baked before. This book is full of wonderful photographs and it’s worth getting the book to look at them alone. Brilliant book!

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