Festive Cranberry Sauce

November 24, 2013Sew White

Festive Cranberry Sauce

I love cranberry sauce and for the first time this year I decided to make my own. I found a recipe which you can make ahead and store somewhere cool until you need it and I added an orange and spices. This recipe is so easy and tastes amazing. Bring on boxing day!


Ingredients – makes 3 large jars

600g fresh cranberries
750g apple juice
300g granulated sugar
1 orange zest and juice
half a teaspoon of nutmeg
quarter of a teaspoon of ground cloves


– Put all the ingredients into a large pan and simmer gently until everything is soft. The cranberries will pop so if you have a lid use it. Stir regularly.
– When the cranberries have mostly popped I used a potato masher to get it all mushy and then I let it simmer for another 5 mins until it thickens up.
– Pour into sterlised jars, put the lids on and you’re done!
*Make sure the glass jars are warm/hot as if they are cold they will  shatter with the heat of the sauce.

This is a nice and slow recipe but is still fairly quick. I think it took less than 20mins altogether. 

All the lovely ingredients dissolving together on the heat.

I love the look of my jam pan after using it.

Here are my lovely jars still warm with cranberry sauce. yum.

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