GBBO Technical Challenge Week 2 – The 8 Plaited Loaf

August 23, 2012Sew White

As some of you know who read my blog my plan for the new Bake Off Series was to bake my favourite thing from each episode. After the first episode I wanted to try one of the upside down cakes but the recipe wasn’t in the book or only. Instead of the upside down cake I made blueberry bundt cakes to fill the baking addiction.

This weeks show was about bread and its an area of baking I’ve never really tried. Except pizza bases and focaccia, neither very loaf like.

The great thing about the show was seeing 11 different people trying the same thing you can see what worked and what didn’t.

I know that starting my first ever loaf it might not have been a great idea to start something as tricky as an 8 plaited loaf but you know me, I’m far to stubborn to give up on something until I have it done.

The only thing which confused me was the plaiting numbers in the GBBO book for this series were different to the ones in Paul Hollywood’s new book. I shall try out the different plaiting order soon.

I decided to follow the recipe in the GBBO book for this loaf.

Here is the recipe from the BBC website.

Click here for the recipe

Here is how it went –

I made the dough and hand kneaded for 10 minutes – I now have some great arm muscles.

The length of kneading made the dough rise really well and within in the first 5-10 mins of an hour letting it get double it had grown considerably.

This is what it looked like before I knocked it back down. I can’t believe how big it was.

From 500g of flour it weighed 847g after it’s rise.

I divided the flour exactly into 8 portions.

Then came rolling them out – as you can tell the first one was bit lumpy but by the last one (closest) I had the hang of hand rolling and they pieces were a lot smoother. I found that hand rolling them with out adding extra flour was the key.

Ready to plait – deep breath and lets start.

Due to annoying attention of the plait and trying to count to 8 I didn’t take any photos of the plaiting part.
However this is how it turned out before it’s second rise.

Tada! Bread fresh out of the oven. It smelled so good ๐Ÿ™‚

Ready to eat and it was very yummy.

I think I have the bread making bug now. I am going to the book shop today to look at bread books. I was given Paul Hollywood’s baking book for my birthday and now I have done this loaf I feel so much more confident to try more bread recipes.

I am very proud of my first loaf.

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