Hartley’s Jelly – setting fruit in jelly attempt 1

December 11, 2014Sew White

I put my hands up now and admit that I am not good at doing anything with jelly. Give me bread or cakes but jelly and me aren’t friends. I love eating it but trying to make it at home usually means it doesn’t set or look good. So thanks to Hartley’s I am getting my jelly practicing apron on trying to not just make jelly that sets but trying to set fruit in it.

Sew White Hartley's jam 1

Jelly kitchen workshop means a very messy kitchen. It smelled good though.

Sew White Hartley's jam 2

I really wanted to make striped jelly as I could never make it when I was little (yes I have childhood jelly trauma phobia what ever you want to call it). I started with a layer of strawberry jelly and used three quarters of the jelly in the bowl which I put in the fridge. After an hour it started to set  and I took it out of the fridge and placed the satsuma pieces on top so the jelly was still very tacky and the fruit stuck to it.

Sew White Hartley's jam 3

When the satsumas were placed in a pretty pattern I used the last little bit of the jelly to cover them half way up to hold them in place while the jelly set.

Sew White Hartley's jam 4

When the jelly holding the fruit had set I added another layer of raspberry jelly and popped it in the fridge overnight.

I topped of the jelly layers with more satsumas and a white chocolate star. I thought the strawberry and raspberry would be slightly different colours so there would be more of a difference in layers but for the first time I have set jelly which tastes incredible.

Sew White Hartley's jam 5
I’m going to try again with the layers but for a first ever set jelly I’m very happy.

Thank you Hartley’s jam!

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