It’s time for a Sainsbury’s Makeaway

September 16, 2014Sew White

I love a good takeaway and I was so excited to hear about the new makeaway range by Sainsbury’s. It’s quick and tasty cooking. There are Indian, Chinese, Italian and Thai ranges available and I went for the Thai range. I love Thai food. I am a Thai food addict.

by Sainsbury's Makeaway thai food review 1

What I like about this new range is it’s mostly store cupboard/pantry items which you add meat and fresh veg too when you’re ready. Perfect for having in the cupboard and it’s quick. Faster than ordering a takeaway and there wasn’t too much washing up!

I absolutely loved the spicy Thai crackers with the sweet chilli dipping sauce. They’ve already been added to the shopping list for next time. Very yummy and moreish.

First up I wanted to try the Pad Thai stir fry sauce. I love stir fry. I bought a few chicken pieces, 1 lime, ready to wok noodles and eggs.
The instructions were very easy to follow and we all loved the addition to make the noodles sticky using the egg. It made the stir fry really nice. I might add more eggs next time to make it more like egg fried noodles.

by Sainsbury's Makeaway thai food review 2

The addition of the chopped peanut topping was also lovely. A bit of crunch to the soft noodles.

My only little problem was there wasn’t much sauce in the packet to cover all the ingredients even though it said for 2. Next time 2 packs!

Sainsbury's Makeaway thai food review 3

I love the new makeaways from Sainsbury’s. Far cheaper than a takeaway and very easy to make.

Next up Green Thai curry using the curry paste and sticky Thai rice.

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