Knorr Flavour Pots

April 16, 2014Sew White

I love these flavour pots from Knorr!
They are so simple to use and have a great taste which really enhances meals made with them.

Sew White knorr flavour pots

The flavours available are peppercorn, curry, garlic, chillies and herbs.
My favourites are the garlic and herbs. They are useful in so many things! I always seem to be popping a pot into a dinner recently.

The first one I used was a garlic flavour pot in a pasta sauce. A single pot really boosted the flavour of the simple sauce and improved the lovely garlic taste which would have taken many cloves of garlic to get.

Sew White Knorr garlic flavour pot 1

Although the garlic flavour pot is good the mixed herbs pot I have found I have used most. It works very well in everything including risotto, stews and in gravies and roast dinners.

Sew White Knorr herb flavour pot 1

These pots are a fabulous little addition in the kitchen and really do provide a tasty boost to meals.

The Knorr pots are only £1.60 for a pack of 4 so it’s a great affordable way to enhance your meals.

*I was sent the Knorr Flavour pots in return for a full and honest review*

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