Macaroon Recipe

May 15, 2012Sew White

Macaroon Recipe

sew white macaroons

100 grams ground almonds

100 grams icing sugar

90 grams egg whites (exactly 90 and at room temperature)

100 grams caster sugar

Paste or liquid colour

A note on adding colour

If you are using paste colour add the colour with the caster sugar.

If you are using liquid colour add the liquid with the icing sugar and ground almond mix. The liquid will be absorbed and won’t affect the eggs, but will still colour.

– Measure out the egg whites and make sure the eggs are at room temperature when you start. I tend to do this a few hours before I start to let them settle.

-Sift the almonds icing sugar together in a bowl and discard anything that won’t pass through the sieve.

-Use a free standing mixer or hand held mixer to whisk up the egg whites in a large bowl at full speed until they go white and start to thicken. (If you are using a free standing mixer check the bottom of the bowl to make sure all the egg whites are being mixed)

-Whisk in the caster sugar slowly (and paste colours if using them) until really stiff peaks are formed.

-Fold the almond and icing sugar mix into the egg whites along with liquid colours and flavourings. A large metal spoon works well.

-The mixture should be shiny, smooth but stiff.

-Put your Sew White macaroon mat onto a baking tray as it makes it easier to move in and out of the oven.

-Load up a large piping bag, use a round 1.5cm nozzle, with the macaroon mixture. Pipe the mixture onto the Sew White macaroon mats leaving a small gap so the mixture can spread slightly to the edge of the circles.

-Pick up the baking tray and drop it lightly to knock out any air bubbles.

-Leave them to form a skin which takes about 15-30 minutes. Don’t leave out this process. When they are ready you will be able to touch them lightly and no mixture will come off.

-When the shells are ready preheat the oven to 150c or fan 130c or gas mark 2.

After they have set put them in the oven for 12-15 minutes, take out and slide the macaroon mat onto a cooling rack and leave to cool completely.

When cold use a palette knife to guide the macaroons off of the mat.

Fill with your chosen filling.

There are a lot of different fillings to choose from. Simple fillings are double cream whipped up or a simple buttercream. Buttercream is great as it can be coloured and flavoured in to hundreds of varieties.

A classic chocolate ganache filling is delightful and very easy.

Chocolate Ganache Recipe

200g of dark chocolate

200ml of double cream

15g unsalted butter

*1 teaspoon of brandy or liquor if you like

-Melt the chocolate and double cream in a bowl over hot water.

-When it’s melted and well combined, add the butter (and brandy if you want to use it).

-When it’s all melted together take off the heat and leave to cool. When it starts to thicken (the consistency of buttercream) using a piping bag to pipe the chocolate on to one of the macaroon shells and sandwich together.

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