Mary Berry 100 Cakes and Bakes

February 18, 2013Sew White

I bought the Mary Berry 100 Cakes and Bakes book a few years ago before I started Sew White and I wanted to try more baking as at that point fairy cakes with sprinkles was the best you got from me. I have had this book hiding on a shelf for ages and completely forgot about it. I think it’s small size makes it easy to misplace among the giant cookbooks we are all used to. I found it when looking for a cake to make my mum for her birthday and decided to venture in to this book which needed using!

Mary Berry 100 cakes and Bakes

This book is apart of the My Kitchen Table collection and they are all great books.
I hope to get the full set one day. You can see the complete section at

It is safe to say with any Mary Berry book that you will want to make most things in her books as they are always so gorgeous and sound delicious. The only brief I was given for the cake was ‘chocolate…lots of chocolate’ so after having a look through the book I came across the Sachertorte. I’d never made it before but seeing it on the Bake Off made me believe it would be tricky, however I was very surprised to say that it was really easy!

The Sachertorte is a great flour free recipe – ground almonds replace the flour. There is loads of egg whisking to do but thats most of the effort. 

I found out that through this process my 9inch high sided pan was broken – there is a sizeable bump making a gap which mixture drips out from. O well get to go shopping and buy a new one. I ended up using an 8inch high sided pan so the cake was more cake size than torte size. So it took a bit of adjusting time wise in the oven from 45 mins as stated in the book to 1hr 15mins for me.

Unfortunately as I pulled it out of the tin I got a break line but it didn’t matter it was going to be covered in ganache. 

Sew White Sachertorte 1

Melted down the apricot jam and brushed it on. It worked well to hold all the crumbs and you could taste tiny bits of the apricot through the chocolate.

Sew White Sachertorte 2

The chocolate ganache as ever is so easy to make but I did put it on the cake a bit early as I had hungry family who were insisting we needed to eat it ASAP. I’m surprised I managed to get a photo before it was devoured. I didn’t even have time to write Sacher on it before serving it. The ganache was so shiny – you can see me taking the photo in the reflection.

Sew White Sachertorte 4

It was a nice moist cake and the chocolate ganache was so delicious. 

Sew White Sachertorte 5

This is a fantastically simple recipe and will be a family go recipe for years to come. It was so chocolatey I almost thought it was too chocolatey. I never thought there would be anything too chocolatey but this was pretty close. 

Thank you Mary Berry!

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