Melting Snowmen Biscuits

December 20, 2013Sew White

These biscuits are so easy and fun to make.
For the biscuits you can make your own or use shop bought. I’ve used rich tea biscuits when doing this in the past.

For the heads you will need white marshmallows. You will also need some icing sugar and some supermarket icing pens in different colours for the eyes, arms and any details you want to add like a scarf. Or if you have colours you can make up some icing and pipe it.

-To start I piped a thick line in icing to stop the icing going everywhere, acting like a mini wall. You don’t need to do this but it stops the icing dripping off the biscuit.
-I then filled this area with icing (icing sugar and a little water to make it thick).
-Place the marshmallow on it so it sticks.
-Wait until the icing has hardened before adding the details.
-For the nose I used an orange sprinkle held in place with a little of the thick icing.
-Use the icing pens to draw the dots for eyes, arms and any other details like scarves or even a bow tie.

Very quick and very yummy!

Merry Christmas x

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