Mini Cakes

January 14, 2013Sew White

I have always wanted to make cute little cakes. When I got my hands on the mini Victoria sponge mould I thought I would try. I put two together, evened them off the cakes with buttercream and covered them with sugar paste.


The mould ready to go.


I lightly greased the mould and filled it with Madeira cake to three quarters full.


The cakes came out very cute and I think would be lovely just with a little pipped buttrrcream as decoration. It would also work very well for muffins.


I cut the top offs to level them and then sandwiched two together. Then covered with buttercream all over like on a normal cake. The sugar paste was harder than normal to lay out with lumps and bumps but by the last cake I think I had the knack. It was a nice learning experience. Then to decorate them I used the flower cutters in different colours. They were very cute and very tasty.


Happy Baking x

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