Mini Easter Egg Nest Cakes

February 9, 2013Sew White

I really loved this bake and it was nice to try a new mould. 

I used the brand new mini doughnut/rum baba mould. It worked really well.

I used a Victoria sponge recipe – 125g butter, 125g sugar and 125g SR flour, a few drops of vanilla and 2 medium eggs. It made 16 nests/2 batches. As you can see I covered where the doughnut hole is so the chocolate ganache later would sit in the cups. If you were making mini doughnuts just fill the mixture around the raised centre. If you make rum babas over the centre.

They took roughly 15 mins to bake until golden brown. You can see the cake pulling away at the edges a good indicator that the cake is cooked. It also helps to get the cake out!


I drew circles roughly the same size as the cakes and placed greaseproof paper on the top.
I drew lines with chocolate to be the nest and popped it in the fridge to harden.

I filled the cakes with chocolate ganache and then stuck the nests on top. I also used a little of the ganache to secure the eggs.

I made this little tutorial in to a video – here it is in all it’s homemade glory. 

Happy Baking x SW

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