My Jubilee Cake

May 30, 2012Sew White

I made a really simple Victoria Sponge and added some red food paste to make it Royally red.

This post is just an excuse for me to share pictures of cake.

A really red cake

Chocolate crowns on the whipped up double cream.
Thick double cream works really well for holding the crowns in place.

Fill the middle with strawberries.

I love how this looks

I made a few extra crowns and used them as collar for the cake.

Cutting the cake


If you want know how to make the chocolate crowns you can check out my little video on making them. It was my first video for Sew White.

I’d love to know what you think of the video.

If you want to see me try making anything let me know
and I will make a video about it.

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