My Jubilee Macaroon Challenge

June 6, 2012Sew White

A few weeks ago I was set a macaroon challenge based on my success with macaroon making.

My challenge was to make jubilee macaroons. I was allowed to do anything to make them as patriotic and full of Jubilation as possible.

A few of the bakers I follow made jubilee macaroons – red halves and blue halves and sandwiched them together them with a white chocolate or cream filling. I decided that I wanted to do something more special that just simple halves. I wanted to do something with a Union Jack or something with bit more detail.

I wracked my brain trying to think of what I could do. I came up with a great idea. If I say so myself.

I decided to make a basic macaroon batch and leave them white. I then made another batch of blue ones which would be the base half of the macaroon.

When they were done, cooled and taken off the mat I took the plunge and did my artistic magic.

TADA – I decided to paint the union jack on the macaroons!

I used red and blue paste colours with a few drops of water. The only thing I needed which I didn’t have was a thin enough brush to do the points but  I think they looked incredible. Now I’ve done it once I would know how to do it much better and a tad neater next time!

I am honestly going to paint all my macaroons from now on.

Quick tip; the paste colours take a while to dry so paint them the day before you need them.


Hope you had a wonderful Jubilee weekend.

Happy Baking everyone x


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