Paul Hollywood’s Olive Bread Sticks

March 28, 2013Sew White

Paul Hollywood’s Olive Bread Sticks

I recently bought Paul Hollywood’s new book ‘bread’ (£10 in WHSmiths) and then a few weeks there was a great giveaway with the telegraph – a small collection of recipes from his book.

I spotted the green olive bread sticks and knew that was what I would be making. I was surprised to find that this recipe from his other book  How to Bake not the new one it was advertising. Either way I was happy as I had something new to try.

Paul Hollywood

The recipe itself was easy to follow and with a dough hook on my Kenwood mixer it was fantastic. I halved the recipe as I didn’t want to make 15.

I also used slightly less olives than asked for but 170g in 250g of flour worked well and there were plenty of olives to go around. I found flouring the olives slightly helped stick them in the dough. Without the little bit of flour the olives were just not sticking in the dough. I also cut up some of the olives so there would be some large and small pieces in each bread stick.

Sew White Paul Hollywood Olive bread sticks 1

After letting the dough prove for an hour it really went crazy.
Unlike other breads this recipe needed to not be knocked back.
I pulled it out of the bowl very carefully and put it on the table.
I pulled the edges out to make a rectangle and sliced the dough into 6 pieces. 

Sew White Paul Hollywood Olive bread sticks 2

I put the pieces on to a baking tray and allowed them to prove inside a plastic bag for another hour and then baked for 15 minutes. They were gorgeous and smelled amazing. 

Sew White Paul Hollywood Olive bread sticks 3

They were pretty close to the picture in the book except mine were not as covered in flour.

Sew White Paul Hollywood Olive bread sticks 4

This recipe was so easy. I’ve made these so many times.

I’ve added sun dried tomatoes to the dough and those bread sticks tasted wonderful. Perfect to have with pasta.

It’s worth buying the book for this recipe alone!

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