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February 25, 2013Sew White

This weeks book is a book I have had for over a year but I was scared to use it as everything seemed tricky and posh. I don’t know why I guess I’m just a scaredy cat. This weeks book is Peyton and Byrne’s British Baking. It is filled with bakes which look incredible but I was drawn to the Semolina Cake. 


So far every single person I have told about this cake made a ‘sick’ face at the thought of semolina. Apparently everyone had it at school and hated it. I remember having it with jam at school and loving it. I guess I’m weird or my school made it well. Not many of the people I told knew that semolina was a flour.

First up was finding the semolina in the supermarket. The assistant didn’t even know what it was. Eventually thanks to lovely twitter people who suggested checking the jelly and custard section. I found it next to the jelly. Not sure why as it’s flour but at least I know they have it. Plus it was only £1.99 for a box – I think it was 500g box.

I was very excited as I managed to use the Mary Berry lemon juice trick – cut the lemons in half, place in a bowl and microwave for 1 min. I did it in two 30 sec bursts. They get very hot so be careful. In my silliness I forgot to grate off some of the zest before the microwave so it didn’t have the zest in but the lemon flavour from 2 lemons was far stronger than I thought it would be (not overpowering).

A few weeks ago the light in the oven broke so I couldn’t sit and watch it as usual so it was a little overcooked but still very good. It took about 10 mins to make the mixture and 45 minutes to cook. Easy to hand mix together – rather like a Victoria Sponge alternative .

Sew White Semolina Cake 1

Luckily the recipe asked for the cake to be covered in icing – it helped to fill in the little crack and disguise the darker brown sections. 

Sew White Semolina Cake 2

It said in the recipe to serve with raspberries so I surrounded the cake with raspberries and the contrast between the red and white looked wonderful. 

Sew White Semolina Cake 3

The slice looked so cute and it was surprisingly moist for a crumby (texture not taste heehee) cake.

Sew White Semolina Cake 4

We decided, as is our weird custom, to start eating the middle of the cake first. 

Sew White Semolina Cake 5

The book although a little posh and experienced baker looking was actually really friendly and well written with lots of detail. Plus this posh cake was so easy and so quick. It was a fantastic. I will certainly be making this again. No doubt lots and lots of times this summer!

The book I give 9/10 and the recipe 10/10!

note – it tasted it’s best the day I made it, the next day it had dried out a little but still tasted good.

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