Piñata Birthday Cake

November 5, 2013Sew White

This weekend I made Piñata cake for my gran’s 80th birthday. The decoration on the cake was an edible photographic print of my gran when she was 19 years old. The picture was so cute and my mum decorated the cake with purple and pink flowers. 

Sew White pinata cake 0

We wanted to make the cake a little more special so we (my mum and I) decided to make it a piñata cake. We thought it would be a fun extra for the birthday party and no one would be expecting it.

Sew White pinata cake 1

Here is the fabulous cake as smarties still spill out as it was sliced for everyone.


For the cake I used Lindy Smith’s chocolate cake recipe . It’s a dense cake like a Madeira which makes it easy to carve into a shape and lasts well in an air tight container.

I made a large 9inch round chocolate cake and used a large round cookie cutter to take out the centre of the cake. (Taking the centre out also allows you to taste the cake wink wink).

Sew White pinata cake 2

The next step was to slice the cake to add the filling, I used buttercream. I then covered all the cake in the buttercream so I could add the sugar paste later.

Sew White pinata cake 3

The next step was to add the smarties! I would recommend not using fruit just as it might go very mushy if you aren’t eating it straight away. Smarties were good and the colour of the shells didn’t come off against the buttercream which was good too!

Sew White pinata cake 4

The next step was to cover the smarties section with the remaining buttercream. It needs to be level with the other buttercream otherwise the smarties will make the sugar paste bobbly in the centre of the cake.

Sew White pinata cake 5

Once the top was level I rolled out the sugar paste and laid it over the cake. 

Sew White pinata cake 6

I used an edible print and had a terrible time trying to get it off the backing paper! I tried the trick of putting it in the freezer for 5 minutes which has worked before but this time nothing. I had a great tip for removing the print which was to cut off a thin slice of the paper backing which didn’t have anything on and use that to get under the print. As the print is on the same paper and being a thin piece of paper it gently slipped under the print and it came off. It was a relief as we didn’t have a spare.

Sew White pinata cake 0

Pinata cakes are so easy and it’s going to be a new favourite for my family. 

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