Rachel Allen’s Cake Book Review

January 10, 2013Sew White

This week I’m looking at a new book I received for Christmas – Rachel Allen’s Cake. 

Rachel Allen Cake

My dad bought this for me and it seemed like a nice idea to choose something from it for his birthday this week. I gave him the book and some post it notes to mark his favourite and he chose a carrot cake. I have to admit I was a little worried as it is a cake I have never tried taste wise and never tried to make. 

I went to shop for the carrots and my local supermarket only had tiny carrots so it took me ages to grate them all for the mix. Apart from that it was a simple recipe and it was the first time I’ve used sunflower oil when baking. The result was a lot runnier than I thought it would be but I trusted the recipe and baked it and it came out dense but soft and very tasty. The cream cheese topping with added orange zest made the cake really special. 

I wish I had a smaller loaf tin though. It would have been to nice to have a taller loaf shape. I thought it would rise a little more. O well something to remember for next time. 

Sew White carrot cake 1

It looked really nice just out of the oven but I do like icing.

Sew White carrot cake 2

You can see the lovely flecks of orange zest in the cream cheese.

I was surprised that the cream cheese icing was not as sweet as butter icing. I must have had cream cheese icing before but I don’t remember it tasting so nice. It’s now going to be my favourite icing. 

I would give this recipe 9/10 for ease and tastiness. I would really recommend this book and carrot cake recipe. Thank you Rachel Allen for such an easy to make treat. 

‘Cake’ by Rachel Allen is a triumph of a book and one I’d recommend to everyone interested in cakes. It covers a huge amount of cakey ground and the recipes are easy to follow and work well. A wonderful book! 10/10

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