Rodda’s Cream – a new favourite

June 2, 2014Sew White

It has been a privilege to try out the fabulous cottage cream and Cornish butter from Rodda’s.

Rodda’s website is full of gorgeous recipes and you can see all of their fabulous products

Rodda’s is a fabulous family company from Cornwall which started in 1890. 120 years on they are still producing such amazing products which are popular throughout England.

I love companies which started at the kitchen table and were built up on quality products that the public loved.

It was so lovely to receive this gorgeous little cool box (now my lunch box). It is so cute!

Sew White Roddas cream scones tea 1

Inside was 2 tubs of clotted cream and 2 bars of Cornish butter.
To my shame I have never tried clotted cream before so I was very excited to making scones to try it.

Sew White Roddas cream scones tea 2

I love the label and packaging.
The logo is so cute and really brings a taste of the history of the company.

Sew White Roddas cream scones tea 3

How cute is the tub packaging – it’s so sweet.

Sew White Roddas cream scones tea 4

It’s scone with clotted cream and jam time!

I got some scones and I used my homemade nectarine, raspberry and strawberry jam to have with the clotted cream.

Sew White Roddas cream scones tea 5

The cream was so thick and smooth. Dolloping the cream on the jam and then smearing it on a scone was a delight.
I can see many cream teas in my future.

The mix between my jam and the clotted cream on the scone was so good.
Happiness in each little bite.

Sew White Roddas cream scones tea 6

Thank you Rodda’s for sending me your products to try and making a fabulous product which is now a firm family favourite.

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