Super Pops by Tamsin Aston

August 24, 2012Sew White

There is a great new book just out on making the most wonderful cake pops.

Unlike previous cake pop books I found this gives a great amount of detail on how to do each step. Plus it has lots of big pictures which always makes following a step a lot easier.

The book starts with the basic cake pop making and moves through to sculpting and creating artistic and charming cake pops. It’s nice that it starts out on the basics including the simple way to secure sticks to the pops, how to dip and how to use different coatings including chocolate and candy melts. This is a book that really does go from a-z.

As well as making the pops from vanilla and chocolate cake there are pops made from meringue, honeycomb, truffle, marsh mallow, cookies, brownies, butter brittle and toffee. The recipes for all of these are included in the book which is very lovely.

At first glance I was a bit over whelmed with just how amazing these cake pops are, but as I learnt this week sometimes you just have to get stuck in. I’ve made the basic cake pops and they look great so now to starting adding details.

I was lucky enough to get a signed copy!

I would really recommend checking out the book and also their website.


I like cake pops and I hope that you will too.

Happy Baking x




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