Sydney Food by Bill Granger

February 11, 2013Sew White

This week I was determined to make a main meal from a cookbook for the cookbook year and decided to make something from Sydney Food by Bill Granger. However looking through his wonderful book I cam across the wonderful recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

I can not resist cookies. 


Everything I needed for the recipe I had in the cupboard which made it even more appealing as I didn’t have to go out in the rain.

The only thing I didn’t like is the recipe started in ounces/grams for butter and then went into cups for everything else. I don’t mind cups but it would have been nice to have everything in the same measurements. (I know you can’t have cups of butter but you know what I mean)

You make the basic dough and then you add the chocolate chips. I didn’t add the full amount of chocolate chips as it looked so much in the bowl and each cookie was mostly chocolate. Perfect for chocoholics.

The basic dough would be really easy to use as a base to create other flavoured cookies. 

It took about 40 mins from opening the book to getting them out the oven and eating them. It was a very simple recipe and will be a family classic from now on. Never have so many cookies been consumed so quickly in my house.

The only note I would have is that the bake time states 15-20 mins. Mine were done at 12 minutes so it’s worth keeping an eye on them.

Sew White choc chip chookies 1

A gorgeous crisp outside and gooey soft insides. 

Sew White choc chip chookies 2 

I would give this recipe 10/10. So easy and quick.

Although the rest of the book contains some nice looking recipes I’ve never really been tempted to make any others. It is worth getting the book for this cookie recipe.

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