Waffles! Testing out the Coline Waffle Maker from Clas Ohlson

February 17, 2014Sew White

I am a pancake fan and I’ve always seen waffles in films or on gorgeous America blogs but have never tried one. It seems they are very popular in the USA but this breakfast hasn’t made it over the Atlantic yet in the same mainstream way.

Sew white waffle maker review Coline clas ohlson

From what I’ve found waffles are like patterned pancakes. The machine creates a pattern which works well with toppings like syrup, cream or chocolate sauce as it pools in the pockets.

I’ve been looking around for a waffle maker as I wanted to try waffles. There wasn’t a huge amount of them online or in shops which was odd. The ones on amazon had very mixed reviews, some very bad reviews so avoided those machine. Some reviews were good but the makers were so expensive.

As I was searching I found a great recommendation for the Coline waffle maker from Clas Ohlson and with it being only £14 I thought it would be worth a try.

It arrived and I couldn’t wait to get it out and start using it. It was a bit smaller than I thought it would be but when you make a waffle in it each one is a good size for a portion. I can eat 3 in a go for breakfast and having them fresh each go is better than 1 large one which could go a bit cold.

The machine gets very hot, so be careful, but this produces great waffles in just over a minute. The waffles aren’t fat like the American ones you see but these do produce a good thickness one like a good thick pancake – just shy of 1cm.

Here is my basic waffle recipe I’ve adapted it a few times while eating and trying out my waffle machine. I think this is now my go to basic recipe for waffles.

Waffles – makes 6 waffles using the Coline Waffle Maker

120g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoons caster sugar
Pinch of salt
1 large egg
220ml semi skimmed milk
1 tablespoons sunflower oil
1teaspoon vanilla extract

– Whisk it all together it’s that simple

When using the machine put pour the mix in from the centre as it will spread. Don’t put too much in as it will over flow. I put in what covers about 3 quarters and shut the lid. The mix will spread further than you think.

*The waffle maker is good but after about 12 uses the coating started to loose it’s non stick. It’s still usable but I have to use a lot of butter or oil to stop it sticking*

I am an absolute waffle addict now. They are so quick to make and eat!

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