Yule Log Christmas Cake

December 29, 2013Sew White

I love Christmas and I love Nordic Ware cake tins. They are so brilliant and with a brushing of melted butter and dust of flour I’ve not had a cake stick. It’s worth buying the cast metal nordic ware cake tins over the cheaper pressed metal ones as they don’t last in the same way.

When I saw the Yule Log cake tin in the summer I really wanted one. As it approached Christmas I found out that Lakeland were selling them! I was so excited to go and buy one, but before I could the oven broke. With no oven I decided to not spend the money this Christmas. I found out that Lakeland after Christmas had put them in the sale, plus the oven had been fixed on Christmas Eve- it was fate. I decided that at half price I couldn’t really say no to it so we had a family Yule log cake after Christmas. It worked pretty well! The finished cake looked wonderful!


I decided to make a simple vanilla cake mixture which I’ve used before for bundt cakes.

After so much food this Christmas week I was glad, as were my family, for a light and tasty cake.


The lovely tin which is surprisingly heavy was shiny and cute. I love It! I’m sure it wont be put away after Christmas.


Here is the finished cake, dusted and ready for eating. It was delicious! Recipe coming soon x

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