Beauty and The Beast Party – My 30th Birthday Disney Party

Beauty and the Beast Party Inspiration. Take a look at my photos and party and food styling from my 30th Disney party and take some inspiration for yours!

Zaynah from Zay Bakes, Me as Kick ass 1940s Belle, Becca Gray make-up artist as Jasmine and Roxy Farrier hair stylist as Mrs Incredible.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! This is the first year I’ve felt really excited about my birthday plus it was a big one. My friends this year not only chose the theme, knowing I’d love it, but supported me in getting it all organised. It’s safe to say that even getting older we all still love Disney.

As an extra treat for the party there was also a big screen in the garden so we could all watch a movie. I love movies and Disney so this was an absolute treat and something I would have always loved and never thought I’d be able to have at an event. The incredible guys at Essential AV set up the big screen along with a sound system perfect for a sunset screening.

So many roses! This is the handmade rose wall by Danielle Sweeney Events. Her beautiful pieces and event planning is a huge inspiration to me so getting to have one her pieces at my party made it very special. I designed and printed the sign ready and drilled holes in ready to attached it to the wall. The perfect back drop for a Beauty and the Beast party!

My Kick Ass Belle Look

I love Belle from Beauty and the Beast but I didn’t really want to go full ball gown. Based on that I chose a lovely yellow corset that looked similar to the iconic dress, but also knee high brown boots with black trousers. I really loved the costume to make Belle a bit more of a fighter. My gorgeous make up was done by legendary make-up artist Becca Gray. We chose a 1940s style with big bold eyes and I wish I could have my make up look so good every day!

The Valiant Victory rolls were done by professional hair stylist Roxy Farrier. The iconic vintage bold look from the 1940s Roxy styled my hair so quickly and make it look effortless. I loved the soft curls on that fell on my shoulders and everyone was blown away with my hair. I wish I had Roxy to do my hair and Becca to do my make-up every day.

Videographer and now London’s very own Genie – Anthony Brown and Becca Gray as the gorgeous Princess Jasmine.
Foodies together! With my favourite foodie friend Zay. She produced the outstanding rose cakes which were devoured.

Well it wouldn’t be a birthday party for a foodie without food! This is my graze table at my Beauty and the Beast Party…

Beauty and the Beast Party and the graze table. A whole table filled with food to graze on including fresh fruit, meat, bread, dips, drinks and cake

This is the first time I’ve created a graze table on this scale. It was so much fun. I started by taking all my different plates and bowls out of the cupboards and roughly seeing how much I could fit on the table, having a clear idea of what I would be putting out to graze on. I wanted a mix of fresh fruit, sweets, cured meats, hummus, dips, olives, mini cakes, cheese, biscuits, flat bread, crackers, olives, sandwiches, fruits tarts and of course the big cake!

Graze table including a close up of a variety of cheese roughly chopped up and cured meat and charcuterie on a slate board.

The charcuterie board was definitely a popular one and people loved the choices of cured meats. I included parma ham, chorizo and Italian salami amongst others. There was also a lot of cheese which we roughly chopped up so it was easy to pick up. It was a great and so easy to assemble.

The Cake

The centre piece of the graze table had to be the cake! The gorgeous three tiers of blue iced cake with gold decorations and gold brush strokes looked incredible. I added the red roses and gold candles to the top tier to add a little bit more of the Beauty and the Beast theme. It looked incredible. It tasted even better than it looked! The amazing cake was by Cakes by Robin.

I found out about Cakes by Robin after Robin send me a beach hut cake years ago to enjoy. Since then I’ve been obsessed with her cakes. I mean properly obsessed. I’m still old school and love a sugarpaste topped cake as I’m not a buttercream fan most of the time. This cake was a Victoria sponge top and bottom and chocolate fudge cake in the middle. The taste was exquisite and gave me very big and happy flavour memories of birthday cakes when I was little. The classic Victoria sponge with jam and buttercream middle wrapped in a sugar paste coat. It’s a classic for a reason and if I could I’d have a little Cakes by Robin cake every week as a treat. I’d also need a gym membership if I did that. Very much a cake worth saving up for.

The Little Details

The beautiful cake balls by Zay Bakes. They were topped with sugarpaste roses on yellow buttercream. They were so cute and like all of Zay’s bakes absolutely delicious. The rose theme was continued in the little cakes and on a matching blue plate to the big cake. That was completely unplanned but a lovely detail which I will think about including in future graze tables.

The big fruit platters were so good and popular. I think they also looked stunning amongst all the other food. On the table I used a wicker picnic hamper to raise a few things off the table and add a little more height to the table. I did originally have food on it but I decided to go with the candles and napkins (also in the same red and gold colours). The candles were plain unscented but I’ve found that any candles will stop flies and bugs so worth doing to keep your food safe.

A range of bread, flat breads, crackers and breadsticks on the graze table catering for gluten free, vegan diets at the Beauty and the Beast Party

A few of my guests had dietary requirements including dairy free, vegan and gluten free. So I chose a range of flat breads, bread sticks, crackers and cheese biscuits that ticked all the boxes and gave people a choice. These were great for the hummus and other dips on the table.

I bought some gorgeous little tarts from Paul’s Bakery and cut them into quarters to make them a gorgeous bite size treat. The gorgeous red berries stood out against the other food but also beautifully supported the red rose theme.

The centre piece of the table had to be the cake! The gorgeous three tiers of blue iced cake with gold decorations looked incredible. I added the red roses to it for the Beauty and the Beast theme. It looked incredible.

Rose Cakes by Zay Bakes

The most perfect cakes for the Beauty and the Beast Party. Chocolate cake pops topped with edible red roses on yellow buttercream.

These incredible cakes were made by Zay Bakes – follow her on Instagram here. She is an absolute legend. These were cake balls coated in chocolate and topped with a swirl of yellow icing and topped with hand made sugarpaste roses. They are stunning. They also tasted wonderful and a hit with everyone on the night.

Beauty and the beast cupcake inspiration by Zay Bakes. Red roses with a sprinkling of glitter to add a shimmer.
The gorgeous edible roses on on top of the cake balls. The little shimmer caught the light and definitely bought your eye to them. This might be why I ate so many!

I had a few mini cupcake stands which I used to showcase the rose cakes. They looked gorgeous raised above the table.
Rose details on the graze table for the Beauty and the Beast Party. Accents of red to work with the rose theme.

What else was on the graze table…

Fresh watermelon cut into quarters and then slices. Along with fresh pineapple cut in the same way. I also added strawberries and blueberries as they’re so easy to graze on. Top tip – add a little plate on the table for the rinds and leaves.

A little extra tastiness – vegan marshmallows that look like strawberries. They tasted so good and I could have easily eaten them all just me
A close up of the charcuterie board on the graze table and the graze board.
A range of charcuterie on a beautiful slate board. This was definitely a popular stop at the graze table. Next time I would definitely have more for everyone.
I bought a rose garland from amazon to wrap around the plates. It added a lot of gorgeous red highlights throughout the graze table.
The cutest strawberry and fresh fruit tarts from Paul’s Bakery. The red highlights over the table continued and I even added a few fresh rose petals to fill in any extra gaps.

This is a great photo of the fruit platter. I loved how popular these were on the night. Definitely have a candle near the fruit as they will attract the bugs for being so sweet. The candle will keep them away.
For parties I always have sandwiches. THey are never left over and cutting them up into easy nibble size is great too. I bought these from Paul’s Bakery. I had a mix of vegan, vegetarian and meat filled. Also their new falafel one which was delicious.

My favourite photo from the table at the Beauty and the Beast Party

Beauty and the Beast Party table ideas. A dark tablecloth covered in Paul bakery strawberry tarts studded with berries. The plate wrapped in a rose garland and covered in rose petals.

This is my favourite photo from my graze table. The gorgeous dark table cloth from Elys Wimbledon topped with H&M plates (their kitchenware is lovely, this pink plate is favourite piece so far) and Le Creuset mini casseroles holding sweets and olives.

For the gorgeous tarts I used the app Too Good To Go which helps fight food waste and sells leftover food from brilliant restaurants and cafes at a fraction of the price. It’s still fresh and my favourite place to pick up a bag is definitely Paul Bakery. I bought a few bags and chose some tarts and sandwiches for the party. It’s great as the food is still fresh, looks and tastes amazing and we helped with reducing food waste. Of course I chose red berry tarts to go with the red rose theme and I think they looks gorgeous on the table surrounded by rose garlands and fresh eucalyptus leaves.

It wouldn’t be a party without the drinks!

Double Dutch premium mixers in a silver bowl filled with ice at the Beauty and the Beast Party

This summer is the time of the Gin & Tonic in my house and what great gin needs is delicious tonic. So many people I know say any tonic will do but I firmly belief that a great tonic or mixer can add a great flavour to the finished drink. The incredible team at Double Dutch send me some of their gorgeous mixers to use my party. Stay tuned on the blog for more recipes popping up soon featuring Double Dutch.

Their delicious flavours include skinny tonic and classic tonic. But also my favourite the cucumber and watermelon mixer which is so light and fruity. It’s absolutely delicious with a measure of gin or vodka. The cranberry and ginger tonic water I think will be great for Christmas cocktails but even in the English heatwave summer with citrus gin like Silent Pool.

To continue the rose theme I also picked up these gorgeous Fentimans Rose Lemonades. These were great for the alcohol free guests and also worked really well mixed with a little vodka or gin.
As well as the gorgeous Double Dutch mixers and to continue my Beauty and the Beast rose theme, I added some mini pinot rosé bottles to the ice buckets.

Be our guest at my Beauty and the Beast Party… Movie time.

Of course no cinema experience would complete with out a huge amount of popcorn. I had giant paper cartons filled with a mix of salt and sweet popcorn and some smaller ones filled with salt only and sweet only. Of course the mix! Everyone loved them! I found the cutest card popcorn boxes at Partica Party Shop.

Sunflowers and roses in a dark blue vase with boxes of popcorn in front at the Beauty and the Beast Party.

Waiting for the sun to go down so the movie could begin.

Disney logo on the big screen at the my Beauty and the Beast Party
The big movie screen by Essential AV for my Beauty and the Beast Party. Inspiration for our door cinema parties.
The end of Beauty and the Beast on the big screen. It was so magical!

The Beautiful Beauty and the Beast inspired cake. Soft light blue cake with gold details, gold paint and topped with red roses and gold candles. Made by Cakes by Robin.

Thank you for reading. Check out my latest posts.

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  1. You look absolutely stunning and the whole concept of the party and the food is so very you! I love the attention to detail. Happy Birthday, may you have many more birthdays and fabulous parties to share.


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