• Ginger Boost Smoothie

    January 28, 2016Sew-White

    My Ginger Boost Smoothie is a delicious way to start the day and the good hit of ginger tastes good but also aids digestion.

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  • Baileys Flat White Martini Pudding

    January 7, 2016Sew-White

    There is nothing better than a cocktail which is also a pudding and show stopper too. The Flat White Baileys Martini has become a huge success in my house because it tastes so good and is so simple to make. Once we knew we loved the drink we started to turn it into a pudding.…

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  • Be Berry Good to Yourself Smoothie

    December 30, 2015Sew-White

    This is my favourite smoothie as it tastes lovely however it is also a very filling smoothie as it’s made with oats for slow release energy. It also has berries, ginger and spinach for extra flavour and vitamins. Try my Be Berry Good to Yourself Smoothie.

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  • Orange & Cinnamon Eggnog

    November 30, 2015Sew-White

    I think it’s a very British thing to think that Eggnog is weird. It is, but it is delicious. I’ve been trying out this American Christmas staple and adding my own flavour twist to the classic recipe by Waitrose Cellar. See the original recipe here Waitrose Cellar Eggnog. I love the cinnamon and orange flavours…

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  • Pomegranate, Elderflower and Satsuma Christmas Cocktail

    November 18, 2015Sew-White

    The countdown to Christmas has really began at my house and I’ve been experimenting with the delicious Surrey made gin by Silent Pool. The Silent Pool Gin is strong and full-bodied and fresh but has a floral taste. It uses 24 unique floral flavours including lavender and chamomile which is well balanced with a subtle…

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  • Warm Up Winter With a Hot Toddy

    November 11, 2015Sew-White

    Although later than planned it’s finally starting to get cold and Christmas is on the horizon. Horray! Bring on the hot meaty dinners, mince pies and of course hot drinks. I’ve been asked to try the Hot Toddy from thebar.com to celebrate the dark evenings and brisk cold which is now in the air. The…

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  • My Personalised Bottlegreen Cocktail

    October 5, 2015Sew-White

     It’s taken me far too long to get this post written! Life has definitely got in the way of blogging recently. I promise I have been getting some new food projects started and there are some definite amazing recipes coming soon too. Plus it’s official I’ve started working on Christmas recipes. I watched It’s a…

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  • Berry and Oat Smoothie

    September 19, 2015Sew-White

    This is my absolute new favourite drink. It’s is so simple, it tastes so fresh and the oats make it extra filling. I know adding oats sounds weird but it really does work I promise. Ingredients – serves 2 -5 tablespoons of frozen summer fruit -1 banana -3 tablespoons of oats -250ml apple juice (it…

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  • Cold Brew Coffee and Honeycomb Milkshake

    August 15, 2015Sew-White

    There is nothing nicer than a cold coffee milkshake on a hot summer day and with a honeycomb twist it’s a really special drink. To make this delightful drink I used the brand new Cold Brew Coffee Maker from OXO Good Grips. It is a very slow way of making a rich coffee concentrate using…

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  • Time for a Coconut and Gin Cocktail

    July 20, 2015Sew-White

    There is nothing better than a delicious cocktail to enjoy on a hot day. My new favourite thing to add to smoothies and cocktails at the moment is coconut water. I’m not a fan of coconut usually but adding it with other flavours works really really well. This weekend I made this simple and delicious…

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  • Strawberry and Passion Fruit Wimbledon Cocktail

    June 30, 2015Sew-White

    The sun is shining and tennis is on TV. It is the wonderful first week of The Championships at Wimbledon. To celebrate I have been making up some glorious cocktails to enjoy in the sun. I give you the delicious strawberry, passion fruit Wimbledon cocktail. It is refreshing and sweet and had a relaxed alcoholic…

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  • Beetroot, Blueberry and Cranberry Smoothie

    May 11, 2015Sew-White

     Ingredients -2 cooked beetroot -150g blueberries -a few mint leaves -top up with cranberry juice It also works very well with a little fresh ginger. Method -Whizz up in the blender and serve. -Simple and tasty! It works rather well with a measure of vodka or gin too. I love the flecks of blue from…

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