• Aldi’s 25th Birthday – Cocktails

    April 27, 2015Sew-White

      This year Aldi turns 25! Happy Birthday Aldi! Since I’m in my 25th year too I am very partial to a cocktail so I couldn’t say no when offered a hamper with everything I would need to make Shooting Star cocktails. This cocktail is stunning. The mix of raspberries, vodka and a big hit…

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  • Raspberry, Chocolate and Cinnamon Milkshake

    April 25, 2015Sew-White

    There is something special in a chocolate milkshake especially when you add raspberries too. Then adding cinnamon helps take it to a whole new level of deliciousness.   Lactofree have bought out a brand new milk flavour – chocolate! I love lactofree milk and now with chocolate I am so happy. I have been challenged…

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  • Raspberries, strawberries, banana and mint milkshake

    March 13, 2015Sew-White

    Another quick and delicious milkshake post. Raspberries, strawberries, banana and mint milkshake. I do love how the milkshake looks just before it gets whizzed up! Ingredients – 1 banana – 2 tablespoons of frozen raspberries – 4 fresh strawberries – a few mint leaves Method – Pop them all in your nutri ninja/bullet and top…

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  • Raspberry, blueberry and honey milkshake

    March 9, 2015Sew-White

    I am a bit addicted to milkshakes and it’s amazing how much better I feel after having more milk and fruit in my diet. This weekends favourite has been raspberry, blueberry with a blob of honey. I’ve recently discovered how much better value it is to get frozen fruit and some supermarkets have individual fruits…

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  • Vanilla panna cotta with strawberry, blueberry and champagne compote

    February 24, 2015Sew-White

    My latest and most favourite pudding is panna cotta. It’s easy to make and there is a host of brilliant toppings you can use. It’s also brilliant as you can make it in advanced by a few hours or even the day before. This panna cotta is full of vanilla and served with a strawberry,…

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  • Blueberry, ginger, Manuka honey and banana milkshake

    February 20, 2015Sew-White

     It’s all about the afternoon fresh fruit milkshakes in my house. They are brilliant and it’s lovely to feel healthy and full from one drink. They really are a meal in a glass.  My latest and favourite milkshake is blueberry, ginger, Manuka honey and banana! I love jam jar with handles for drinks at the…

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  • Valentine’s Day Milkshake

    February 14, 2015Sew-White

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I was lucky enough to share Valentine’s Day morning with two of my best friends having a delicious breakfast. I am obsessed with milkshakes at the moment so getting to make my friends something yummy was good fun. This milkshake is strawberry, banana, mint and ginger. Ingredients – 2 medium banana –…

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  • Healthy smoothies and milkshakes with Lactofree

    January 28, 2015Sew-White

    I am very excited to share that I have been made one of the Lactofree Ambassadairies (good pun) and given the opportunity to make lots of milk shakes and smoothies using lactofree milk and cream to make some tasty drinks. These have been my favourite experiments so far. They are all quick, healthy and very…

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  • Christmas Cocktails with Aldi – Cranberry Woowoo!

    December 18, 2014Sew-White

    After the fabulous Snowball cocktail using the advocaat I decided to make one of my favourites a cranberry Woowoo. The Woowoo was the first cocktail I ever had and I haven’t made one before so I was a bit excited. I used the Tamova Vodka (£9.99) and Oscar’s peach Schnapps (£4.79) from Aldi. I love…

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  • Christmas Retro Cocktails with Aldi – Advocaat

    December 16, 2014Sew-White

    I will admit that my knowledge of cocktails is very small but when I get the opportunity to try new ones I am very happy to learn and taste more of them. Aldi is known for having an amazing alcohol selection which is constantly winning awards! This Christmas they have a fabulous selection including Vodka…

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  • Organic Banana Milkshake

    October 1, 2014Sew-White

    It’s the last day of Organic September and to celebrate a wonderful month I’ve got one last organic and quick recipe to share. It’s banana milkshake time! Before I ever made milkshakes I always thought it would be too hard but it really is easy as easy as 1,2,3. It only has 3 ingredients in…

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  • Gin Bank Holiday Cocktails

    August 22, 2014Sew-White

    Hopefully the bank holiday will be filled sunshine and warmth plus a cocktail in the garden would be nice too. I’ve recently discovered gin in cocktails and this London Dry Gin from Aldi is lovely plus it is very affordable at only £10.19. It’s nice to not have to spend a fortune on big items…

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