• PG tips fruit, herbal and green teas

    June 17, 2014Sew-White

    PG tips have bought a fabulous new range of fruit, herbal green teas and I was so excited to try them out as I love tea! The new flavours are amazing! These teas unlike some other herbal and fruit teas are strong, tasty and very satisfying. I have a huge love for the red berries,…

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  • Birthday Cake Tea from Bluebird Tea – Review

    May 20, 2014Sew-White

    I love tea and I love trying out new and exciting flavours. When I heard about the Bluebird Tea Shop and their fun flavours I knew I would be a regular customer! www.bluebirdteaco.com The tea which I was most wanting to try was the Birthday Cake tea. Since I love cake and tea I was…

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  • Super Berries from The English Tea Shop Review

    April 11, 2014Sew-White

    After being unwell for a few weeks I’m finally back drinking tea and oh boy have I missed it! My first tea was the Super Berries tea by the English Tea Shop. I’ve had mixed results with fruit tea in the past. A lot of them can smell great but have no taste. I was…

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  • Easter at Aldi – Chocolate Cocktail Recipe

    April 10, 2014Sew-White

     This year Aldi have a fabulous and delicious Easter range of drinks, treats and cocktails essentials. I was so excited to receive this hamper from Aldi www.aldi.co.uk as it’s the first hamper I’ve ever had! I can see many hampers in my future. I don’t know why lovely things in a wicker basket are so…

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  • Earl Grey Tea from The English Tea Shop Review

    March 21, 2014Sew-White

    It’s time for a cup of my most favourite tea – Earl Grey. I brewed it for 3-4 minutes but I think 2 minutes more would have been a bit better an really enhanced the taste. I tried the tea without milk and with a little milk to see how it tastes. It tasted much…

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  • English Breakfast Tea from the English Tea Shop – Review

    March 15, 2014Sew-White

    It’s time for the English Breakfast Tea from the English Tea Shop For a lovely start to the day I had the English Breakfast tea from the English Tea Shop. I brewed the tea for 4-5 mins and added a little milk. Even before the milk the tea didn’t have a very strong smell like…

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  • Lemongrass, Ginger & Citrus Tea from The English Tea Shop – Review

    March 3, 2014Sew-White

    Tea is a wonderful thing. I can’t help but loving tea and the many different flavours it comes in. Today I’m happily sipping on the Lemongrass, Ginger & Citrus Tea from The English Tea Shop. It has a warm sharp taste like warm ginger. The lemongrass packs a punch as it’s mixed into the ginger.…

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  • Sleepy Me Tea from The English Tea Shop

    February 16, 2014Sew-White

    I love tea. That’s a fact. I’ve had a few different bed time teas and I’m always looking for a good sleepy tea. Normal tea makes me sleepy when it’s warm and sweet but with caffeine it isn’t a great mix for bed time. I came across the Sleepy Me tea from The English Tea…

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  • Whittard China Rose Black Tea Review

    August 16, 2013Sew White

    I’m a tea addict. It’s really that simple! I was so excited to try the China Rose Petal Black Tea from Whittard this week. I love the smell of roses and I was very curious indeed to see how they would work in the tea. The tea itself is stunning! The black and pink is…

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  • Whittard’s Gunpowder tea – Review

    July 28, 2013Sew White

    This is a post about tea! Since I saw Gunpower tea in my local Whittard I knew I wanted to try it. I was very intrigued to see what something labeled as Gunpowder would taste like. I’ve had loose tea before and I have a little tea infuser that I use if it’s tea for…

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  • Fluffy Puff Puffs Marshmallows Review

    July 17, 2013Sew White

      I was so excited to try gourmet marshmallows when I heard they existed! I found out about Fluffy Puff Puffs (www.fluffypuffpuffs.com) from  www.lancashire-food.blogspot.co.uk (gorgeous foodie blog if you haven’t checked it out do!). I followed FPP on facebook and they posted up a photo of pimms marshmallows -PIMMS MARSHMALLOWS! I knew I would be ordering…

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