• Vaulted Dome Bundt Tin

    February 21, 2014Sew-White

    A few months ago I saw the vaulted dome bundt tin on the Williams Sonoma website and I knew it would be mine! My aunt was so kind and gave me a little money at Christmas so I ordered it along with another bundt tin not available in the UK yet. I was so excited…

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  • Waffles! Testing out the Coline Waffle Maker from Clas Ohlson

    February 17, 2014Sew-White

    I am a pancake fan and I’ve always seen waffles in films or on gorgeous America blogs but have never tried one. It seems they are very popular in the USA but this breakfast hasn’t made it over the Atlantic yet in the same mainstream way. From what I’ve found waffles are like patterned pancakes.…

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  • Nordic Ware’s New Giant Heart Shaped Cookie Tin

    January 4, 2014Sew White

    I used this family favourite recipe to try out this new cookie tin. I love the idea of the giant cookie. I think this tin would be great to make shortbread with. The tin was great and had a lovely coating of non stick. I still used a bit of butter to grease it and dust of…

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  • Copper Cake Tin Trial

    August 29, 2013Sew White

    A very late blog post which I thought I had written and posted ages ago but found out I hadn’t. Sorry! I love copper tins and I was so excited when I found a gorgeous copper cake tin in my local TKMaxx. I’ve always loved costume dramas and always interested in old kitchens and old…

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