• Mary Berry 100 Cakes and Bakes

    February 18, 2013Sew White

    I bought the Mary Berry 100 Cakes and Bakes book a few years ago before I started Sew White and I wanted to try more baking as at that point fairy cakes with sprinkles was the best you got from me. I have had this book hiding on a shelf for ages and completely forgot…

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  • Sydney Food by Bill Granger

    February 11, 2013Sew White

    This week I was determined to make a main meal from a cookbook for the cookbook year and decided to make something from Sydney Food by Bill Granger. However looking through his wonderful book I cam across the wonderful recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I can not resist cookies.  Everything I needed for the recipe I had in the…

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  • The Great British Bake Off How to Bake

    February 5, 2013Sew White

    This week’s book is the The Great British Bake Off How to Bake. There were so many recipes in this book I hadn’t tried which I wanted to bake. I decided after the lavender biscuits that dunked into tea so nicely I wanted to keep along the line of biscuits. Flipping through the book I…

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  • Good House Keeping Favourite Cakes, Bakes and Cupcakes

    January 28, 2013Sew White

    My latest review is of Good House Keeping Favourite Cakes, Bakes and Cupcakes. As a family we decided to go for the flour less luxury chocolate orange torte as it wasn’t something we would make for a casual Sunday pudding. Unlike the other cookbooks I’ve used so far this year for the cookbook year this…

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  • Edd Kimber – Say It With Cake

    January 23, 2013Sew White

    Since my family was having a dinner party I decided to try something more special for pudding. I decided to try The Boy Who Bakes – Edd Kimber’s Black Forest Roulade from his book Say It With Cake. I’ve made a roulade a few times before but never anything Black Forest with cherries.  I was…

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  • Rachel Allen’s Cake Book Review

    January 10, 2013Sew White

    This week I’m looking at a new book I received for Christmas – Rachel Allen’s Cake.  My dad bought this for me and it seemed like a nice idea to choose something from it for his birthday this week. I gave him the book and some post it notes to mark his favourite and he…

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  • Super Pops by Tamsin Aston

    August 24, 2012Sew White

    There is a great new book just out on making the most wonderful cake pops. Unlike previous cake pop books I found this gives a great amount of detail on how to do each step. Plus it has lots of big pictures which always makes following a step a lot easier. The book starts with…

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