• Christmas at Costa

    November 9, 2015Sew-White

    I love Costa and was so excited to be given a sneak peek of their Christmas range a few weeks ago which is now available to buy in store. As it’s clear by my Christmas posts over the years I love Christmas bakes. Here are my favourites from the new range. The snowman and reindeer…

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  • Black Forest Chocolate Brownies

    August 8, 2015Sew-White

    A delicious mix of the fresh fruit flavours from a black forest gateau and the rich chocolate from brownies make these Black Forest Chocolate Brownies perfect combination and easy bake.

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  • The Crooked Billet Wimbledon at Christmas

    January 14, 2015Sew-White

    I know it’s the new year and Christmas seems like a long time ago but I wanted to share some photos from my Christmas visits to the Crooked Billet pub on Wimbledon Common. The Crooked Billet is a gorgeous little and very very old pub which was taken over by Youngs in 1881. Like traditional…

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  • The Christmas pudding success

    December 31, 2014Sew-White

    A few weeks ago I was brave and tried making something which seemed so complicated and difficult to make. A Christmas pudding.  There are a lot of baking myths around these festive puddings and I can safely they are all untrue, except that steaming takes ages. Even though it takes a while it is easy…

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  • Christmas Jam Rice Pudding

    December 24, 2014Sew-White

     I love rice pudding and this gorgeous jammy twist makes it so much more special. Adding a gorgeous jammy and fruit layer under the rice pudding makes it so delicious. Ingredients Jam layer – 150g fruity jam (I used mackays Christmas jam but blackberry and cherry works very well too) – 100g fruit to go…

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  • Last minutes supplies

    December 22, 2014Sew-White

    It’s so close to Christmas and it’s time, for me anyway, to get the last few supplies. I’ve got some baking planned so a few more packs of sugar never hurt. I love gingerbread so much and Tate and Lyle Muscovado sugar is a treat to use. Of course if you’re baking you need eggs…

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  • Black Forest Chocolate Cake

    December 20, 2014Sew-White

    At Christmas we always make or buy a chocolate log cake for those in the family who do not like Christmas cake or pudding. I will happily have all three. I made this cake a few weeks ago and I have been asked repeatedly to remake it as it was so good! This is a…

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  • Christmas Cocktails with Aldi – Cranberry Woowoo!

    December 18, 2014Sew-White

    After the fabulous Snowball cocktail using the advocaat I decided to make one of my favourites a cranberry Woowoo. The Woowoo was the first cocktail I ever had and I haven’t made one before so I was a bit excited. I used the Tamova Vodka (£9.99) and Oscar’s peach Schnapps (£4.79) from Aldi. I love…

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  • Christmas Retro Cocktails with Aldi – Advocaat

    December 16, 2014Sew-White

    I will admit that my knowledge of cocktails is very small but when I get the opportunity to try new ones I am very happy to learn and taste more of them. Aldi is known for having an amazing alcohol selection which is constantly winning awards! This Christmas they have a fabulous selection including Vodka…

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  • Gingerbread Georgian Town House with OXO Good Grips

    December 15, 2014Sew-White

    The Christmas OXO and Stork got together to set bloggers a gingerbread challenge using their new good grips products. Their products are lovely. Strong and as the name suggests they have excellent grips which makes baking so much easier especially when you’re working with greasy things like buttery gingerbread. For my gingerbread house this year…

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  • Dream Non Dairy Ice Cream Christmas Sprinkle Sundae

    December 12, 2014Sew-White

    There is a fabulous new range of ice cream from the makers of Rice Dream dairy free milk. The ice cream is made ground almonds and is incredibly luxurious. I was worried it wouldn’t taste like ice cream as it doesn’t have cream but wow. I think it tastes so much better than other ice creams…

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  • Christmas Mulled Wine and Cranberry Quark Cheesecake

    December 11, 2014Sew-White

    These are seriously incredible and served in little pots makes them a delightful Christmas and winter pudding! I give you my Christmas cranberry mini cheesecakes. I love the decorated food boxes (from IKEA) for a dinner party and I think the glass cups really shows off how cute they are for a family pudding. I…

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