• Healthy Halloween Snacks

    October 10, 2016Sew-White

      Create a really fun, quick, artistic and healthy Halloween snack. Take satsumas or small oranges and wash them to remove some of the grease on the skin. Let children use marker pens to draw on pumpkin faces and leave to dry for an hour. Then, peel and eat – a spookily healthy treat, that…

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  • Bleeding Apple Mummy Pastries

    October 22, 2015Sew-White

    Bleeding Apple Mummy Pastries are a cute and gruesome bake perfect to make this Halloween.

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  • Bleeding Ribs Spicy Sausage Rolls Halloween Dinner

    October 19, 2014Sew-White

    It’s time for another gruesome Halloween dinner and this time it’s bleeding ribs spicy sausage rolls.

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  • Graveyard Pie – Halloween Challenge

    October 16, 2014Sew-White

    With Halloween only a few days away dinners are getting spooky! Here is my first Halloween dinner idea – graveyard pie! A yummy take on a cottage pie with lots of mince beef ( they look very good as brains for Halloween) and a crispy potato gravestones on top for decoration. It tastes lovely and…

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