A Brand New Comic for Girls!

February 18, 2013Sew White

I’m sure that most of you know by now that I am a geek and I have read my fair share of comic books. I love superheroes and people who push themselves to save the world and fight for the good.

Like a lot of girls I was annoyed that the only representation of women was always very skinny but with big breasts and never very intelligent in comparison to the men who she stood in the shadows of. I understand that comic books have so far always been labeled as ‘for boys’ but luckily now there is a brand new comic where the protagonist is a good looking girl – plus she is really intelligent! Thank goodness! 

In this current world women want to see far more intelligent women as the protagonists. Not having to be manly in appearance or attitude to survive and succeed but intelligent but still a normal female underneath. 

Luckily thanks to Will Brooker there is a brand new comic available online and for free that really brings a new side to female comic heroines. 


My so-called secret identity is a treat for females and I loved it. The comic is written in a very personal way and I felt reading it that it is a comic for me personally. Having read the first issue a few times I can’t wait for issue 2!

The illustrations by Susan Shore and Dr Sarah Zaidan are beautiful. 

Cat is the main character and this is a little piece taken from the website about Who is Cat? “She’d tell you she’s nobody special, that she’s just like you. Just an average, Irish-American girl in her early twenties; a cop’s daughter, studying in the big city. Sure, she did OK at sports, she’s always got along with people pretty well, she’s happy enough with how she looks.”

When revealing her secret identity in the comic – this is her answer.


I absolutely love this and it is now my screensaver on my computer.

I should say that Will Brooker was my lecturer at uni and I was lucky enough to be involved in this project by helping to make the cat logo below. It’s also really nice to see my name on the Team Cat section of creators part of the website. You might have noticed this logo making it’s way around twitter and Facebook in support of the new comic. It’s really nice to see.


I really like this comic and I hope to be more involved with this fantastic work as it grows and becomes fantastically famous. A purrfect comic for girls and something unlike anything before it!

Click the link below and read the first issue now!


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