Brilliant Bread by James Morton Book Review

February 13, 2014Sew White

Brilliant Bread by James Morton Book Review

Sew White Brilliant Bread James Morton Review 1

I really liked James when he was on the Bake Off. He seemed charming, full of knowledge and passion about baking.
James produced some fabulous bakes and always with a hint of the unusual.

I really looked forward to getting his first book Brilliant Bread. When I bought it I couldn’t wait to use it. As soon as I had ordered it I went straight to the shops to stock up on strong white flour and dried yeast.

The book is lovely. There are plenty of brilliant recipes and I’m sure very tasty ones.

The images of the breads are wonderful. You will get hungry reading this book.

Sew White Brilliant Bread James Morton Review 2

The recipes are interesting and mostly easy to follow. The book goes from easier doughs/breads to more technical and difficult ones.

Based on the recipes I’ve tried and how the easy/difficult the breads were to make I would recommend this book. However, I would suggest this book be for more practiced bread makers. I think it would be overwhelming to a beginner. (If you are starting out I’d recommend Paul Hollywood’s book Bread. It is where I started and it is a great place to find your feet. All the recipes are easily laid out and lots of pictures to help.)

The one little niggle of it I don’t like is the layout of the recipe. I prefer a single column layout compared to the 2 column lay out in the book.
It’s just my little preference as I found this a little hard to read as I went along.

I liked how the ingredients were marked out in italics. It made it easy to find at a glance especially as I was measuring the ingredients out.

The result of the recipes were certainly in the bread. The breads and buns I have made have turned out well and tasted good.

Here are my little buns from the first time I made them just before they went into the oven. They were very good!
There are no photos of the finished buns as they were tucked into very quickly.

Sew White Brilliant Bread James Morton Review 3

I’d give this book 8/10. Very good! I think a free knitted vest should have been included so we could all be more like James ๐Ÿ™‚

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