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June 14, 2015Sew White

I have lots of plant pots but sometimes using old cake tins work very well for gardening.

They are large enough to fit a few plants in and if you love baking but hate getting rid of old tins it’s nice to see them repurposed and still in use. I had an old NordicWare bundt tin which sadly lost it’s non stick so it wasn’t very useful for baking. I put it in the garden last year and my plan was to fill it with geraniums and have it as a nice table decoration but summer disappeared before I remembered I wanted to. So the poor tin sat through winter and became a nice home for some spiders until I ran out of plant pots for my little tomato plants. The tomato plants needed to be planted up from little shoots with more room to grow so the huge tin seemed a great place to help them grow up a little before being planted in the ground.

Sew White Bundt tin tomatoes 1

This is what the tomato plants looked liked in the tin the day I moved them to the proper growing place in the vegetable garden. The pan was brilliant in making the plans easy to move and position for best sun. I didn’t drill holes through the tin so I had to be careful with watering but I think it worked wonderfully. The lip on the cake tin really helped keep snails and slugs off the plants which was a blessing. I hate slugs and snails!

I admit I didn’t move them on early enough and even though the roots are rather large but luckily they weren’t stuck together and were easy to break up into individual plants. As I used the bundt tin the roots moulded to the shape of the tin. You can really see the bundt shape in the picture below. It’s rather beautiful with all the roots.

Sew White Bundt tin tomatoes 2

I really like using old cake tins for flowers. I need to drill a few holes in the tin for drainage but I will definitely be using this tin again.

I’ve seen other cake tins turned into clocks, tart tins turned into photo frames for the kitchen and so many other creative things. Spray painted tins can become lovely little pots for bits and bobs too. Bread tins can work really well as lovely storage containers for cutlery or napkins for the table. Flat baking trays can be painted with black board paint and made into lovely decorative and usable pieces for the kitchen. I still think using them for flowers is my favourite ๐Ÿ™‚

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