The benefits of a recliner chair

February 20, 2020Sew White

*Sponsored post * We look at how a recliner chair could help your aches and pains, posture and help with getting up and down from standing. Plus how they work for all ages.

The benefits of a recliner chair

Sometimes getting in and out of your chair can be a struggle. So imagine how hard it can be for those with joint pains and strains. Thankfully, there are solutions in place to help you. The solution comes in the form of a recliner chair.

I think it’s safe to say at one point or another we’ve all had to lie on the sofa in a weird way to help with our aches and pains.

Recliner chairs were created to help people who struggle getting in and out of an ordinary chair. Not only do they help they also provide relief from aches and pains and have huge benefits for the user whilst seated. They help to improve posture issues whilst providing relief from pain.

Electric recliner vs riser-recliner chairs

Although similar in some ways, there are a few subtle differences. Riser recliner chairs rise and recline when seated to give you assistance sitting down and standing back up again. They also recline back whilst you’re seated and can go upright to provide you with additional support when you leave the chair.

Electric recliner chairs are slightly more expensive but do the above and more. The chair is operated by the push of a button, allowing you recline back with little hassle. There’s also a range of electric heat and massage chairs. There’s a great range of massage chairs from Fenetic Wellbeing that help relieve tension in your back and joints.

What different options are available?

You can choose between one of three different options. There’s single motored, dual motored or manual. Each option has different forms of operating, here we’ll breakdown what those options mean and how they differ:

Single motored: Single motored recliners, as you may have already guessed, are operated by a single motor system. You get two different buttons, one for recline and one for rising. The buttons operate both the backrest and footrest in one motion.

Dual motored: Dual motored recliners use two motors for operation. The main difference is that one motor controls the backrest and the other controls the footrest. So if your headrest is in a comfy position but you want to move the footrest, you can do this without disturbing your backrest.

Manual: Manual recliner chairs use a lever system so aren’t controlled by a motored system. They’re generally the cheaper option and the lever operates the footrest and backrest together as one.

What other recliners are available?

One of the main benefits of an electric recliner chair is the fact you can have heat and massage functionality. This helps the relieve pain and aches that you can suffer from whilst you’re seated. They can also be of benefit if you have poor circulation or get cold with ease.

There are also some electric recliner chairs that have swivel features. You may find them useful when it comes to switching between watching TV and talking to someone. These chairs are beneficial if you suffer from aches and pains in your neck as you don’t need to turn your whole body.

Hopefully this blog has helped you to see the benefits that recliner chairs can offer you. If you have any further advice or tips feel free to comment below.

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