• Personalised Chocolate Bar with Yucoco

    January 27, 2015Sew-White

    I got to create a wonderful Personalised Chocolate Bar mixed with marshmallows, pieces of florentines, pieces of roses and chocolate sprinkles.

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  • Chocolate Meringue Pudding with fruit

    January 22, 2015Sew-White

    This Chocolate Meringue Pudding is luxurious yet easy to make. It mixes together chocolate meringue with whipped cream and warm cherries and berries. This is a perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day, a date night or a winter pudding where the chocolate and berries go together perfectly.

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  • Black Forest Chocolate Log

    December 20, 2014Sew-White

    At Christmas we always make or buy a chocolate log cake for those in the family who do not like Christmas cake or pudding. I will happily have all three. I made this cake a few weeks ago and I have been asked repeatedly to remake it as it was so good! This is a…

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  • Orange Cinnamon and Chocolate Chip Cookies

    December 6, 2014Sew-White

    Get baking this Christmas with my Orange, Cinnamon and Chocolate Chip Cookies. A delicious mix of flavours perfect for festive treats.

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  • Cake Pops for Chocolate Week from Rangemaster

    October 30, 2014Sew-White

    Cake pops are so easy to make! In collaboration with Rangemaster I produced a batch of Cake Pops for Chocolate Week. Check out the recipe.

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  • Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cake

    September 23, 2014Sew-White

    I love chocolate and peanut butter so it made sense to make a cake that combined them into a delicious super delicious cake. This is a really easy cake to make and tastes stunning. I added extra Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup to add more peanuts but it would have worked very well without. For my…

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  • Easter Chocolate Mini Egg Cookies

    April 13, 2014Sew-White

    If you love chocolate and cookies you will absolutely love my Easter Chocolate Mini Egg Cookies. Chocolate cookies studded with mini eggs. Delicious.

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  • Easter chocolate cocktail

    April 10, 2014Sew-White

    Every time of year deserves a cocktail. For Easter it had to be a chocolate one! My rum Easter chocolate cocktail is pretty strong and can be served as a pudding too.

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  • Nutella stuffed Chocolate Cookies with Banana

    April 4, 2014Sew-White

    These are the ultimate nutella stuffed cookie. Nutella stuffed Chocolate Cookies are a chocolate cookie with nutella in the middle, plus a little banana!

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  • Brilliant Chocolate Bundt

    February 27, 2014Sew-White

    I love chocolate cake so I created this Brilliant Chocolate Bundt Cake. For Easter I turned it into a chocolate nest and filled it with mini eggs.

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  • Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake No Bake

    September 10, 2020Sew-White

    I love pumpkin spice! It’s pumpkin spice season and that means it’s time to enjoy this gorgeous no bake pumpkin spice cheesecake. It’s a smooth fridge bake cheesecake made with all the iconic flavours of the classic pumpkin pie. This is a great dessert for Fall and Autumn, lovely for a Thanksgiving pudding, a tasty…

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  • About Sisley White

    August 10, 2020Sew-White

    Meet food and lifestyle blogger and writer Sisley White. From her kitchen and home she prepares easy and delicious recipes. Find the recipes here…

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  • Easy cocktail recipes – the best cocktail recipes round up

    June 30, 2020Sew-White

    The best drinks for all occasions! Perfect for parties or a cocktail night at home I have the cocktails for you. Enjoy my round up of easy cocktail recipes.

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  • The Best No Bake Cheesecake Recipes

    June 28, 2020Sew-White

    Explore the The Best No Bake Cheesecake Recipes which are easy to make. Plus perfect for parties, events or for a special occasion and taste delicious too!

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