Easter at Aldi – Chocolate Cocktail Recipe

April 10, 2014Sew White

 This year Aldi have a fabulous and delicious Easter range of drinks, treats and cocktails essentials.

Sew White aldi cocktail drinks Easter hamper 1

I was so excited to receive this hamper from Aldi www.aldi.co.uk as it’s the first hamper I’ve ever had! I can see many hampers in my future. I don’t know why lovely things in a wicker basket are so much nicer than a regular box.

There were a lot of lovely items including dark rum, coconut flavoured rum, pinot noir, cider, white chocolate bar, cocktail shaker, cocktail glasses and a gorgeous chocolate rabbit. The wine we are going to save for Easter dinner as it’s a special bottle and I know (having had the same wine from Aldi before) it s a lovely one.All these items are available to buy individually at Aldi.

Looking at all the lovely bottles it was clear that this collection of goodies were made for cocktails.

I do love a cocktail but have never made any myself as they always seemed very complicated. I was surprised just how easy this cocktail was to make.

Now I have all the essentials of cocktail making- the gorgeous cocktail shaker and glasses – it was time to try cocktail making! I felt like a mad professor with all the ingredients and measuring it all out using the cocktail shaker lid. The recipe called for 2 fluid ounces of the ingredients as I don’t have a small enough measure for 2 fluid ounces but I worked out the lid of the cocktail shaker could take 3 fluid ounces. Using that as a measure I filled it just over half for 2 ounces.

As it’s time for Easter I thought trying a cocktail with chocolate in would be a good idea. I did some research I had no idea there were so many different cocktails in the world! Here is what I made – Easter Chocolate Cocktails!

Sew White aldi cocktail drinks Easter hamper 2

These cocktails are very rich and thick and would make great puddings.

The first time I made them we used an egg white but when I was refining the recipe I left it out and it was better. To make it a little more special as a pudding we added Chantilly cream and shaved milk chocolate on top as a decoration. I didn’t get a chance to photograph the cream on top as the cocktails were tucked into very quickly by family members desperate to have a taste.

Here is what I started with the first time I made it.

The items from Aldi included the two types of rum – the clear rum has a lovely coconut flavour which worked with the chocolate oh so well! Imagine a bounty chocolate bar in a drink/pudding form. What a beauty!

For the chocolate shavings I used the rabbit chocolate and had to grate the chocolate off. It felt very barbaric doing it to a rabbit shaped chocolate.

Sew White aldi cocktail drinks Easter hamper 3

Recipe – makes 2 cocktails


2 ounces of dark rum
2 ounces of coconut flavoured Caribbean white rum
2 ounces of single cream
2 ice cubes
2 tablespoon of dark rum to float (1 tablespoon per cocktail)
Half a teaspoon of cocoa powder

Chantilly cream
Milk chocolate grated/shaved as decoration


– Add the white rum, dark rum, cream and ice to the cocktail shaker and shake well. (I always start dancing while doing this).
– Pour the drink into the glasses.
– Add 1 tablespoon of dark rum on top it should float on top.
– Sprinkle the cocoa powder on top.

– To make it more of a pudding don’t add the cocoa powder yet and add the Chantilly cream on top.
– Sprinkle the cocoa powder on and then decorate with the chocolate shavings.

Happy cocktail time!

All items are available from Aldi www.aldi.co.uk

*I was sent the Aldi products to honestly reivew for Easter and come up with my own cocktail recipe*

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