Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

December 17, 2018Sew White

A mix of smooth cream and crumble up a Christmas pud to make this delicious and easy to make Christmas Pudding Ice Cream.

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream is such a treat as it is so creamy but the flavours of the spices and fruit make it such a very yummy. It’s rather rich but that means a little scoop is just enough. I love the chunks of Christmas pudding throughout the ice cream. I can’t wait to whip up another batch in time for Christmas.

It’s made with double cream, icing sugar, condensed milk, a few Christmas spices and crumbled up Christmas pudding.

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream with fruit and surrounded by fairy lights

The recipe is super easy to make. It’s also doesn’t set super hard so you it’s easy to scoop out when serving.

Enjoy a scoop of Christmas Pudding Ice Cream for your festive feast

Christmas pudding ice cream recipe

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

Servings 10 people
Author Sisley White


  • 600 ml double cream
  • 200 ml condensed milk
  • 200 g icing sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground mixed spice
  • 450 g Christmas pudding


  1. Add the double cream and condensed milk to a bowl and mix together with a whisk.

  2. Sieve in the icing sugar and mixed spice and mix together until it thickens.

  3. In a separate bowl crumble up the Christmas pudding with your fingers. 

  4. Stir in the Christmas pudding.

  5. Spoon the mix into a freezer safe container and freeze ready for when you fancy a scoop. It takes a few hours but I'd recommend leaving over night at least.

This little bowl of ice cream was full of Christmas tastes and was instantly a hit in my house. If you’re anything like my family there is always too much Christmas pudding as everyone buys an extra one just in case. I hope that is repeated this year so I can whip up another batch with the left overs. Well it would be a waste and a sadness to not use it all up.

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