Easter Biscuit Making

April 21, 2014Sew White

This Easter weekend has been so much fun. I’ve spent time with my family, done a lot of crafty things and had a good session of baking.

In December I had a biscuit decorating lesson with Mel from Hercule’s Cakehouse (www.herculescakehouse.co.uk) and I’ve trying to find time to practice what I learned. On Saturday morning I was up early got lots of biscuits in the oven so I could spent the afternoon decorating them. Here is what I made.

If you follow me on pinterest you’ve probably seen these already and I’m so happy to show them off as I am really proud of my results. They looked good and were tasty! If you have pinterest follow me @sewwhite www.instagram.com/sewwhite and I will follow you back x

First up were the Happy Easter biscuits. I’ve been meaning to use the alphabet stamps for ages and I finally tried and the results were gorgeous. I’m annoyed I spent so long not using them!

Sew White Easter Word Bird Biscuits 1

Making the gorgeous dough. I love cutting out biscuit shapes!

Sew White Easter Word Bird Biscuits 2

I wanted to make little bird biscuits to hang up  on the Easter branch we have but I sort of forgot to add the holes. Nevermind they were lovely without having to be hung up. My piping skills need to be improved a little.

Sew White Easter Word Bird Biscuits 3

These are the biscuits I’m most proud of. Little birds on a little grassy nest. I can’t believe how gorgeous these are and everyone loved them!

Sew White Easter Word Bird Biscuits 4

Easter birds and Happy Easter biscuits.

Sew White Easter Word Bird Biscuits 5

Yin and Yang Easter bird biscuits.
I hadn’t noticed they fit together like that until I was putting them away to tidy up.

Sew White Easter Word Bird Biscuits 7

I also made some little Easter eggs too. I had an absolutely lovely afternoon decorating and I’m glad I remembered so many of the great tips I learned from Hercule’s Cakehouse.

Sew White Easter Word Bird Biscuits 8

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